Saturday Snippets

SaturdaySnippetsIt’s a cold one here today! We currently have a fire in the fireplace and it feels nice! It is going to warm back up in the next few days to typical spring weather, and I will enjoy that too. I am just not ready for summer weather just yet…

So, if you are sitting by a fire with a nice cup ‘o’ somethin’, feel free to read this Saturday Snippets! Just some things that I have found around the internet lately that was interesting. :)

1. I so enjoy Tom Hanks… This is James Corden and Tom Hanks recreating every movie that he was in….in seven minutes.

2. A 90 year old widow whose seventeen children all died by the age of three finally has the large family she always anted after the community adopts her… Story here.

3. I love songs. I love song lyrics. Song lyrics in chart form is a total win…

4. Photography!!!

5. You thought Grumpy Cat was grumpy..

6. Ohhh, how I would love to visit these libraries!! All of them!!

7. I know if I show this to my kids they are going to want to try it…so, don’t tell them about this please, lol.

8. Ducklings are cute….and these have a friend in the bathtub with them… :)

9. I know it has been chilly in North Carolina, but this is crazy..

10. A stop-motion video about the possible construction of Trajan’s Column. It is quite interesting!

Ok, that’s it for this week! Let me know what interesting things you saw on the internet!! :)

I am off to go watch Hobbit with the family!


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Seven of our favorite board games!

Sometimes here in North Carolina it rains… ;)

Yeah, ok…at least once a week it rains. And what better thing to do on a rainy day (besides lay in bed with a good book) than a board game?

I had nobody to play board games with growing up all that much so it is a great thing to look forward to when someone suggest playing one!

The kids tend to get one (or two or three, ahem) for Christmas to add to our collection. I have asked on Facebook for suggestions and some I have just found while browsing Amazon or just Google!

I thought I would share some of our current favorites and I hope that you tell me your favorites as well so I have ideas for future purchases!! :) Yes, I have ulterior motives here people!!

Here are seven of our favorite board games!

Seven favorite board games for older kids

Clue Harry PotterClue Harry Potter version – We bought this forever ago it seemed. The kids couldn’t get into regular Clue back then but bring out ‘ol HP and they were all over it. Even Jeffy likes this one!

Scotland Yard board game

Scotland Yard – This one my sister in law suggested to us. She is from England and apparently played it for ages and her kids love it too. I am not the best at playing Mr. X so far as Kyle found me in two moves. No fair! haha!

You've been sentenced board game

You’ve been sentenced – This one gets super silly sometimes. We say silly sentences without the game, so this makes it even more fun.

Wits & Wagers Family EditionWits & Wagers Family Edition – This one is awesome.. Some of the things that you swear you know the answer to you end up being way off. I love the family edition as the categories are easy enough for everyone to at least try and guess!

Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic – Ohhh how we love this game. One of the reasons being that you work together and there is no winner/loser. That is great for people that don’t take losing all that well. I won’t name names. And I love that the game is always different. It took us a round or two to play it correctly…oops!

Settlers of Catan board game

Settlers of Catan – The kids and I played this in the RV when we first moved here. It was a great thing to do when you are stuck inside all day! The one thing I hate about this game is that our game tiles never fit together correctly and so it always falls apart a little. Very frustrating!

Agricola board game

Agricola – This game is somewhat similar to Settlers of Catan, but just has a different feel. I almost want to say I like it better? BUT… has a very high learning curve, I mean, we had to watch YouTube videos to learn how to play…

Those are pretty much our favorites right now! We have Quelf and Puerto Rico on hand to play sometime when we are looking for something new, but we haven’t played yet! They came recommended though!

I would LOVE to know what games you and your family like to play! Keep in mind our kids are 11+….they like thinking games or something to keep their interest like that…

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Giving HOPE in Ebola’s Aftermath

Giving HOPE in Ebola’s Aftermath

“We have a new family and a new home and we are now back in school!”

-Famatta, child from New Hope Children’s Home 

New Hope Home Liberia

Ebola. The deadly virus that prowled West Africa last year, dominating the news and our newsfeeds. In Liberia alone, taking the lives of over 4,000, and leaving in it’s wake sons and daughters to be orphaned and alone.

Meet three of those children: Famatta (14), Olbed (13) and Delight (8), son and daughters of George and Oretha Kanwah, whose lives were taken by the Ebola virus.
In response to this catastrophe, Lifesong staff in Liberia have established New Hope Children’s Home, a home to not only provide shelter for 10 children orphaned by the Ebola virus, but also to give caregiver jobs to Ebola survivors.

Fametta graciously shares the devastation they have saw and felt, and of the hope that is slowly shining through…

“My father got the virus when a lady in his church was sick and he took her to the hospital. While at the hospital, the lady died and my father was sprayed with antiseptic and sent home. The next day he started getting sick and when he got to work, they told him not to come back. They also put us out of the company house where we were staying. One week later, my father died in his car and the Ebola burial team came and carried him to be burned in the fire. 
Few days later, our mother got sick and she couldn’t eat, but cried all day. She was taken to the Ebola treatment center. Later, the center called our aunt and said our mother has died. 
My siblings and I were put into quarantine at the treatment center for 21 days. We did not get the virus, so the health workers took us back to the community, hoping someone will take us in. No one was willing. We were given a little food supply and some protective Ebola materials.
We were left alone in the community. Everyone is afraid of us. We were not allowed to play with other children or go to other people’s houses or buy food from others with money from our hands. I am the oldest, so I tried to watch over my brother and sister.
But now we are have been taken in by Lifesong’s New Hope Children’s Home. We have a new family and a new home and we are now back in school.” 

Please join us in praying for Famatta, Olbed, Delight and the other grieving children in our new home. Pray God would heal and soften their hearts to His Gospel of hope and redemption!

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My first Stitch Fix!

Woah…I didn’t realize how long it has been since I had posted! I haven’t been feeling well for a while and everything got pushed aside in the meantime!

But a month ago I signed up for my first Stitch Fix! I have heard about for a long time now and thought I would go ahead and see what the fuss is about. ;) Because, you know me, let everyone else test it out first…ha!

All you have to do is go to the website and fill out a very small questionnaire. It was still winter when I filled mine out, so I suggested clothes to wear with it being cold. They have you choose a style that you like with a couple different kinds of questions and then you are set up and ready to get your first shipment! You can choose price points, how often you want a box and other things, it really helps narrow down what they send you!

I have to admit, I was quite excited….the wait, you know? They send you an email when it is shipped so I knew it would only be a couple days until it arrived. I like that it is sent quickly!

It arrived and I was impressed at how small everything was packaged…hahaha! I think they would be fantastic at packing a suitcase…

Anyway, here are the things that I got:

Stitch Fix 214I loved this shirt! It was lightweight and had purple, which I love. The print is fun and this is definitely not something I would have picked up off the rack…

Stitch Fix 214This shirt was nice…It was a little wide on me though. Again, it had a fun print that I normally would not have chosen.

Stitch Fix 214The jacket that I loved. Loved!! But, it was too small. I normally wear a size bigger for outerwear than I do shirts…

Stitch Fix 214Such a bad picture of these jeans, but I was by myself and it is the best I could do at the time, lol. But these jeans were perfectly sized. They are black and have a little stretch to them.

Stitch Fix 214

This shirt had a nice plaid print, but I wasn’t a fan of the colors. The lace detail on the back was fun though! This shirt too was pretty wide on me and just didn’t look right.

In the end I kept the black jeans and the first shirt. You have three days to decide what you want and then send the rest back in a prepaid envelope.

I wrote to my stylist and suggested that I didn’t need such wide fitting shirts and also some other suggestions.

I am looking forward to seeing what is in my next box which I should be getting any day now since I am so far behind in blogging…

If you want to try it out, you can use this link and I will get a little credit for it. :) But if not, that’s ok too.
Let me know if you do try it though and I want to know what you get!

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When Nester caught the vision…
15-2 MM email

“When I graduated, I decided to donate a year to Plan Escalon in order to continue helping. And this experience [of giving back] has impacted my life a lot. ” — Nester, Honduras Graduate & Volunteer

Nester is just one of hundreds of students who have been given the opportunity to obtain an education at the Plan Escalon School in Honduras. An education that serves as a springboard, launching them into a hopeful future where cycles of poverty can be overcome and generations can be changed and empowered.

As Nester mentioned, for many there is little chance to obtain an education and direction for the future. Through their schooling and exposure to the Gospel of Christ at Plan Escalon, students like Nester have “caught the vision.” The vision of finding needs, meeting needs and changing a nation.

Over 30% of each graduating class have caught this vision and desired to donate a year after they graduate to the Life in Action program, paying it forward to vulnerable children with few educational opportunities.

Would you join us in prayer for our students? Not only at Plan Escalon, but the young children who are being ministered to by our Plan Escalon students and graduates. Pray for God’s love to be sown into the hearts of hurting souls and futures could be empowered and changed for good.

Honduras Life in Action-01 college x
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What I read in February


Between storms that left us without power and me not feeling well, I didn’t get to post all that I wanted to this last week! I still had one giveaway to do and I still need to pick the winners for the Red Cup Living contest! But, since I wasn’t on the computer, I did get some reading done! ;) With our books that we are reading for school, I am quite ahead of schedule, so I may just up my goal if I see that being a trend.
So, here is what I read in February and maybe you can share what books you read! :)


Rasmus and the Vagabond by Astrid Lindgren – After running away from the orphanage, nine-year-old Rasmus finds the outside world cold and unfriendly until he meets “Paradise Oscar” who helps him find a new home.

What I thought: I wrote a review here if you wanted to read more about this book. :)


Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph – With humor, honesty and faith Becky Johnson and her daughter Rachel Randolph determine to tackle the stuff that is stressing them out, once and for all. From interviews with friends and lots of research they came up with The Ten Most Common Stressors That Mess with a Woman s Mind: daily challenges that routinely steal her sense of peace and joy. Together Becky and Rachel cook up a plan to live a less depleted and more nourished life. Opposites in many ways mom and daughter share their successes and failures as they make peace with their imperfect bodies, create living spaces they love, get wiser in their relationships, tame jam-packed schedules, settle into God s love, and more. In short, they stumble and journey together toward a life that better nourishes them body, mind, soul and spirit.”

What I thought: Again, I wrote a review on my blog here if you wanted to check it out. :)


Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future by A.S. King – In this masterpiece about freedom, feminism, and destiny, Printz Honor author A.S. King tells the epic story of a girl coping with devastating loss at long last–a girl who has no idea that the future needs her, and that the present needs her even more.
Graduating from high school is a time of limitless possibilities–but not for Glory, who has no plan for what’s next. Her mother committed suicide when Glory was only four years old, and she’s never stopped wondering if she will eventually go the same way…until a transformative night when she begins to experience an astonishing new power to see a person’s infinite past and future. From ancient ancestors to many generations forward, Glory is bombarded with visions–and what she sees ahead of her is terrifying: A tyrannical new leader raises an army. Women’s rights disappear. A violent second civil war breaks out. And young girls vanish daily, sold off or interned in camps. Glory makes it her mission to record everything she sees, hoping her notes will somehow make a difference. She may not see a future for herself, but she’ll do anything to make sure this one doesn’t come to pass.

What I thought: I thought this book was downright odd. Maybe I was just too old for it, lol. I see a good storyline somewhere in there…..but… :shrug:


The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw – Ranofer struggles to thwart the plottings of his evil brother, Gebu, so he can become master goldsmith like their father in this exciting tale of ancient Egyptian mystery and intrigue.

What I thought: We read this in school and I really enjoyed the book. It went great with our studies of Ancient Egypt. It mentioned a lot of historical things that worked in perfectly. The story was great too, all the way to the end, even though you could pretty much guess what was going to happen. Some humor in the book too.. :)


The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg –

Mrs. Sookie Poole of Point Clear, Alabama, has just married off the last of her daughters and is looking forward to relaxing and perhaps traveling with her husband, Earle. The only thing left to contend with is her mother, the formidable Lenore Simmons Krackenberry. Lenore may be a lot of fun for other people, but is, for the most part, an overbearing presence for her daughter. Then one day, quite by accident, Sookie discovers a secret about her mother’s past that knocks her for a loop and suddenly calls into question everything she ever thought she knew about herself, her family, and her future.

Sookie begins a search for answers that takes her to California, the Midwest, and back in time, to the 1940s, when an irrepressible woman named Fritzi takes on the job of running her family’s filling station. Soon truck drivers are changing their routes to fill up at the All-Girl Filling Station. Then, Fritzi sees an opportunity for an even more groundbreaking adventure. As Sookie learns about the adventures of the girls at the All-Girl Filling Station, she finds herself with new inspiration for her own life.


What I thought: First of all, I think the title of the book is a little misleading as that was such a tiny part of the story.. But other than that, I enjoyed the book. It was two stories in one and they tied in together in a way. I like how you got to know the characters in the story.


Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson – All roads lead to home. It’s easy to go through life believing that we can satisfy our longing for home with a three-bedroom, two-bath slice of the American dream that we mortgage at 4 percent and pay for over the course of thirty years. But ultimately, in our deepest places, we’re really looking to belong and to be known. And what we sometimes miss in our search for the perfect spot to set up camp is that wherever we are on the long and winding road of life, God is at work in the journey, teaching us, shaping us, and refining us–sometimes through the most unlikely people and circumstances. In “Home Is Where My People Are,” Sophie Hudson takes readers on a delightfully quirky journey through the South, introducing them to an unforgettable cast of characters, places, and experiences. Along the way, she reflects on how God has used each of the stops along the road to impart timeless spiritual wisdom and truth. Nobody embodies the South like Sophie Hudson, and this nostalgic celebration of home is sure to make even those north of the Mason-Dixon line long to settle in on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea and reflect on all of the people in our lives who–related or not–have come to represent home. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the address on the front door or even the name on the mailbox that says home, but the people who live and laugh and love there, wherever “there” might happen to be.

What I thought: I totally understood where the author was coming from. In so many of her short stories I saw images of my own life. Moving so many times, cross country and back and then back again, friends…all of these experiences help make you who you are, and help you know where home is. :)


Amos Fortune free man by Elizabeth Yates – When Amos Fortune was only fifteen years old, he was captured by slave traders and brought to Massachusetts, where he was sold at auction. Although his freedom had been taken, Amos never lost his dignity and courage. For 45 years, Amos worked as a slave and dreamed of freedom. And, at age 60, he finally began to see those dreams come true.

What I thought: I thought this was such a well told story. It went through different years in his life and the things he was going through during each span. Brought to light things that went on back in this time period. We were also studying this era in school and this book helped the kids picture what he was going through.

Well, that’s it! Let me know what books you have loved lately! :)

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Red Cup Living {Giveaway}

Once upon a time back in high school, my junior year, oh however many years ago, I met a boy. And then we ended up married….

spartanBut I also met another boy in a, what was it like a life skills class, I don’t even remember. His name was Mike. Towards the beginning of the school year we had to bring a certain amount of items that showed something about us, or something that we liked. I remember bringing in my brand new fancy Caboodle that included all of my things. Mike stood up in front of the class talking about his stuff first, including a surfer…and then it was my turn. I also talked about a surfer, Kelly Slater. I brought a picture of him and everything… Mike gave me the stink eye and asked me how I could like a surfer and that I didn’t even surf. No, I didn’t surf, but hello, Kelly Slater had very pretty eyes! :D So, we had a few teasing sessions back and forth throughout the school year. I do have to note, Kelly Slater has made a decent name for himself since then. hehehe.

redcuplivinglogoANYWAY!!!! Mike went on to do a bunch of things and one of those things was open up a business called Red Cup Living. You may have seen the products around your town, they are everywhere! In case you haven’t seen them, they are reusable, dishwasher safe, red cups. You know, like the disposable ones you use at parties and such? Yeahhh, but you don’t have to throw these ones away! I mean…such a good thing!

Red Cup Living What began as just a bunch of friendly Friday front porch get-togethers  with neighbors, friends and family turned into a great business! They started out with the ever popular red cup. The trust stand-by. Not too long after that they branched out into a few other products…and little by little they have gotten to where they are now! All sorts of cups as well as golf tees, clothing, and other fun things! And you have to check out the colors!!!

red cup living pink wine glassI totally appreciate the whole getting to know your neighbors and casual life style that both Mike and Red Cup Living portray. When I lived in Arizona, we totally hung out getting to know our neighbors, and it is such a wonderful thing. I kind of miss that…I definitely miss my friends! Now that I live in farm country, nobody would know if we are on our porch or not! But, we do have a great time with our nearest neighbor and hang out at the lake behind both of our houses.

red cup living sippy cupI love these products so much and the message that they are getting out that I thought I would give some away on my blog!! :) Nobody asked me to, it is just a product that I really like and wanted to feature for a February giveaway.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the giveaway items are going to be all pink or red! If you are a winner you get your choice of one of the three items shown! I only have the three to giveaway, so when you enter, make sure you list which one is your top choice. I believe I have something for everyone.. A standard red cup that is improved by adding a lid and straw….yayyyy!! A little pink wine cup, because, hello…wine…and for the younger crowd, an 8oz red sippy cup, because it is cute. :)

You can enter the contest down below! Make sure you check out their website to see all of the items offered!

Red Cup Living {Giveaway}


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National Make a Friend Day!

If you are a long time friend of mine on Facebook, you know that I know a lot of those….secret national holidays. You know, the national holidays that aren’t really holidays? But…are fun to celebrate sometimes? Yeah, those…

Today happens to be National Make a Friend Day!

What is so easy for some people can also be something difficult for others!
You can Google ‘making friends’ and there are all sorts of sites with tips, but that doesn’t make it any easier, especially if you are older!

Moving to another state, not knowing anyone, was pretty hard for me. There were some online people that I knew and I was so happy to meet them in person!! I have made other friends, but they live pretty far away or have young kids and just can’t get away as easily as I can. And some…it’s just life. Life is busy!

In the past I made such great friends, you know, the ones where they just get you right from the start? Everything is great….and then they would move…or I would move…and that just sucked.

I know there are other ‘fish in the sea’ so to speak, but it’s a process! And like I said, life is busy! Making a new friend is almost like a part time job! I hope all of my new friends know that I think about them frequently even if we can’t get together all that often.

Have you made a new friend today? I haven’t left my house today and the UPS man left before I could chat with him, so for me…I am pretty sure I didn’t.

But…I think Make a Friend Day could be any day…so, here is to tomorrow! :)




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Rasmus and the Vagabond {Giveaway}

Did you read Pippi Longstocking when you were younger? I totally did! I remember the girls making their hair do the funky Pippi braids for dress up days and such… Does anyone still do that?

Astrid LindgrenAstrid Lindgren is the creator of Pippi Longstocking as well as dozens of other world-famous characters and has thrilled three generations of children with her storytelling. She is the only children’s author with a literary prize, a theme park, a museum, a satellite, and a minor planet named in her honor. (After this last honor, she suggested changing her name to “Asteroid Lindgren.”)

Rasmus and the VagabondThe kids and I recently read Rasmus and the Vagabond written by Astrid. Originally published in 1956, it was released again in 2015. It was a very quick read, being a children’s book, but it has a good storyline.

Rasmus and the Vagabond insideAfter running away from an orphanage, nine-year-old Rasmus finds the world a cold and unfriendly place until he befriends an extraordinary tramp called Paradise Oscar. Together they meet more adventure than they ever imagine, solve a mystery, and catch the culprits. Rasmus dreams of finding a family and a home someday. But when he does, will he be able to part with his new friend and life on the road?

We all enjoyed this book! We read it during our homeschool day and it was nice to see the kids wanting to know what happened the following day when we read again. We read a lot of books every month and I am glad this was one of them!

Check out the website here and you can win your own copy down below! :)

Rasmus and the Vagabond {Giveaway}

Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.
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Saturday Snippets



I got so off track this week on what day was what, so the week just went by so quickly! I can’t believe it is Saturday already!
I believe the sickness has all left the house, thank goodness! That definitely overstayed its welcome!

So, here are some things that I saw across the internet this week! I call them Saturday Snippets. Sit down and chill for a while and check them out! Let me know if you saw anything cool this week. Even if it is just something that came across your Facebook feed, because I haven’t been on Facebook much and probably missed it!

1. Do you have floaters in your eye? I have had them since I was little. One always reminds me of something on a diving board and I always used to make it do fancy dives when I was bored. :shrug: Well, I saw this educational Ted video and it explained a lot that I didn’t know!

2. In the winter it is a common thing for our animals water to freeze. Well, the birds luckily have heaters for their waters now…but the ducks don’t…and their pond (kiddie pool) freezes a lot. I have been hoping for snow, but alas, we have had a very mild winter. Just cold enough to freeze the water a bit. Anyway, I came across these beautiful photos of frozen bodies of water. Amazing!!

3. I know there have been a few people that do these fun photos, but I love how bright and cheery these are, and the kids are older. I think my favorite is the one with the bus. :)

4. Calories.. On a typical eating day I don’t usually consume very many calories. Sometimes when we go out to eat, like today, I kind of get a little silly. But I found this article interesting that showed what 2,000 meals looks like. CRAZY!!!

5. I have been doing a 365 project for a while now. I did my first one, a self portrait one a few years back and now I just do a random picture a day. But it is nice to look back on them, even if a lot of them are our birds…ha! This person did a one, or two, second video clip every day and put them together. I love that! I don’t do much exciting stuff or I would think about doing something like that because I am sure it would be wonderful to look back on as well. We don’t have any video of our kids!

6. Arizona. You want to know about it? Read this article. Except we never really did call them haboobs. That’s just something people in the news started using. I think they just like saying it.

7. This guy is amazing at archery. I mean…woah.

8. Our cats would love this house. Even the 16yo cat…

9. A few months back we got a Keurig. Neither one of us really drank coffee…but we figured we would try it out. Plus, it seems like when we have visitors, they like to drink coffee so it would be something good to have. The kids like it for hot chocolate too. Anyway, this little video is awesome with different coffee recipes around the world!

10. National Geographic determines what Americans will look like in 2050. It is pretty interesting!

So, that’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed these links! :)


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