Apologia Ultimate Planner Review

In moving to North Carolina, it was interesting to see how their homeschooling laws compared to Arizona.  It was quite an eye opener! I now have to keep attendance as well as keep track of what we do every day.  There are a few more things too, but for today’s topic, those are the big ones..

Which made it even that more exciting when I was asked to review planners!  This is my Apologia Ultimate Planner review.  I got to review three different ones.

  1. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner
  2. The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens
  3. The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner Apologia

Let’s start with the one that I was working with. At first glance I knew this was not your ordinary planner. This is big!  Bigger than a sheet of paper.  The outside cover is plastic, in case you tend to keep it at your desk and set your water cups on top of it… :ahem: The inside cover has pockets, which is perfect!

Now, let’s get to the inside.. Starts out with your years at a glance, the one I have goes from 2012-2016.  The first pages basically inform you on how to use the planner, give you room to plan breaks and things. Then you have a one year planning grid, student goal setter and pre-planning guides which include family priorities and a resource list. After the one year planning grid you can see the monthly planner and weekly planner.

Apologia Ultimate planner inside

There is also sections for record keeping…grades, reading lists and activities. Teaching tips which are so great because it goes into learning styles and different things like that. There are more things towards the back, this has so much inside!!

What I enjoyed are the little quotes throughout the planner, I love quotes.  I also liked the little spot for the week’s memorable moments. So many things happen during the week and you think you will remember…but it is so much better to write them down.  I like that you can write in the dates. Sometimes you are locked into a planners dates that are included and sometimes that isn’t the best for homeschooling! We had a long summer last year due to moving and we didn’t start school at the typical time…so this is nice! I would imagine it would be easier to start this planner when you first start a new school year though.

Apologia ultimate teen planner

Next is the one that Ryan was given.  He used the teen one. He loved the colors on the front. It wasn’t girly or anything, and almost had a camo type feel, which he is into right now. The cover is the same as the adult one, great for not being torn or easily ruined!

Apologia teen planner inside

Right away on the inside it has a removable ruler. They are constantly losing rulers! The beginning pages have a bunch of things to fill out, favorite bands, books you want to read, etc.. There are monthly pages and then you get to something that I found really interesting. The weekly planner section has little pie pieces that let you fill in how much time you spent on each subject. That will be so helpful next year when he is in high school!

What Ryan liked the best was in the back, it had all sorts of informative pages. Maps, math tips, history timeline..  I think that section is fantastic, they include a TON of information in those pages!  I appreciated the quotes, bible verses and vocabulary words dispersed on the pages.

Apologia student daily plannerThis is the planner that Kyle was given. Same cover, which is great, because Kyle isn’t the most organized person in the world. If it had a softer cover I could only imagine what it would look like in a few months!  The binding on this planner glows in the dark! Is that not fun??  🙂 Kyle liked the bright colors on his planner.

Apologia Teen planner insideThis planner also came with a removable ruler. (Yay!)  Like the teen version, it has a little section about things you want to do, etc.  There are some tips on studying too that break things down into an easy to read format. Those are quite informative!  Kyle also liked the section in the back of the planner that had the maps and other facts. It is just thought out well!  I forgot to mention that these both have stickers in the back. Tests, dr reminders, family time…that sort of thing.  He loves those as well as he likes to know when things are happening.  This planner has bible verses and then there are trivia questions all about presidents!

Overall we were very pleased with these planners!  Like I mentioned, I think it would be easier if you start it at the beginning of your school year, but since you can write in the dates, that was very helpful for this review!

In mine, I liked that there was room for all of my kids.  (I have three, Lauren didn’t get a planner since hers would be like Kyle’s.)  I believe it has room for six children!  I can keep track of everything that the NC Homeschool law needs me to, which is fantastic.  I am looking forward to using it more as we get closer to a fresh school year!

Make sure to check out the Apologia Planner website to get an even closer look at the planners listed!

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6 Responses to Apologia Ultimate Planner Review

  1. Great review! My kids are always losing rulers,pencils, toothbrushes….you name it they lose it.

  2. I love how you applied it to the homeschooling laws where you are! We have no requirements here in Texas, so I didn’t even think of the record keeping others have to do! Great job!

  3. Christephi says:

    Beautiful review! I am over the moon about the little pie-circles in the teen planner. When my kids are bigger, I will be getting these for them! 🙂

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