Thursday Things

I guess it is time for Thursday Things again!  I kept thinking it was Wednesday!  It’s been that way all week, one day off. Really gets crazy when you have a four day school week on top of that… ha!

Here are the things that I liked about this last week!

1. Spring!  It looks like Spring is finally here!  Living here, it is quite interesting finding all sorts of new flowers and things coming in around our house!  I have never seen some of these and don’t know what they are.. Does anyone know what this flower is? I am assuming it is a bulb…but I love it!  There is only one right now… I believe we have a lot of daffodils too, seems to be pretty common…

Spring Flower2. True North Cashew Crunch.  Yum. Sometimes I just want something a little salty and a little sweet. These are perfect! Of course I love cashews..but they have a little sweetness that just makes it yummy. Almost like a Payday candy bar. But the ingredient list on these are: Cashews, brown rice syrup, brown rice crisps, organic sugar, sea salt and sunflower oil.  That’s it!  The serving size is five, but I usually don’t need that much for a snack. Yum!

cashew crunch

3. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Last weekend we went to this museum, they were having a day that was part of the local Science Festival. This is huge! All across the state different business and schools are having almost daily science classes, festivals and all sorts of fun! We went to the museum on Saturday and got there at just the right moment. It is five floors so we raced to the top and worked our way down. There were a lot of tables that had a lot of projects set up and everyone was so helpful!  Jeffy was in a meeting and was done before we were and then couldn’t find parking to join us, so while we had to leave early, I think we were more than happy with what we had already seen. I didn’t mention that the museum is FREE! I love it!!  🙂  We have to go back there to see the other museums in downtown Raleigh…

4. Spoons! Not spoons that you use for ice cream, Spoons the game!  We got this a while back when I needed to add something to get the free shipping from Amazon.  Yeah, I don’t have Prime.  But we all love this game!  It’s funny how some people go on a run and win win win, and then the next game they are in lala land and totally miss out on the spoons.  😀  And it is great to find something that all of us can play together. Jeffy doesn’t like board games, so that limits what he will play, so it is always a good time when we play this…  🙂


5. Candice Glover. Woah. This is our very first year of watching American Idol. Yeah, we are behind the times with tv as we went years without watching it.  Anyway she was one of our favorites from the beginning, there was a guy that got voted off that we enjoyed too..dang it. Last nights song that she sang, the second one, was amazing…I would buy that song for sure!

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2 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Paula says:

    It looked like spring at my house too. On Tuesday. And then on Wednesday the temps dropped 50* and we had an ice storm. Come over to my blog and pick up your award. You inspire me.

  2. Cristy S says:

    Spring is beautiful! I love spoons.

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