There were so many conflicting emotions I was witnessing on Facebook and other social media yesterday and into today.

Some people were complaining about humanity and how the whole world is finished. Other people were lumping everyone into a corner and saying how awful everyone is.

I don’t know. From my point of view, I see things differently.

I see the audience rushing to help those in need, the police and other first responders racing to get over to help as well. I see the runners that finished their race and after running for two plus hours, kept on running straight to the hospital to donate blood.

I didn’t focus on the bad…as awful as it was. I focused on the good. The amount of people that came together to help…the first thing on their mind to do. There was no hesitation, they just did. Did what they could, right there at that moment. We have witnessed this time and again when bad things happen.

This is amazing.

I think that humans deep down are good. Sometimes the world just wears everyone down and it doesn’t show as often as it should. The few that do all of these bad things…in the end, just bring humanity together.

I have seen this floating around and it is so true.

You CAN make more light. Let’s ALL make more light!

There is more good

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One Response to Humanity..

  1. Cristy S says:

    I totally agree with you. I see compassion and the common good. I love the quote.

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