Thursday Things

Wow, what a week… First Boston, then Texas.  🙁  I am keeping all of these people in my thoughts…

So, what better way to keep it light around here…do another Thursday Things!  So, here we go!

1. PB2. Woahhh. Powdered peanut butter y’all. It has 85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter. You can mix it with water to use like a peanut butter, OR…my favorite thing…you can use it for baking all sorts of yummy things. :nodding: You see where I’m going with that, right??  😉  Anyway, my friend just sent me a bag of this and I have been googling all sorts of recipes. Not sure what to make next! lol. Let me know if you use it and what you use it for!!!

Pb2 bag2. Baby goats.. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a baby goat? 🙂 I had a friend invite me to go with them to a goat farm that recently had around 100 goats born! None of us could get enough of them. The way their tails wag, how they suck on your finger and try to eat your clothes.  I wonder how many they sold that day…  I mean, look at that face!!

baby boy goat

3. Our water!  We are on well water here. When we moved in, the water was quite tasty…well, you know, as tasty as water can be.  And then about a week later…BLAH!  It was so gross!  Brushing our teeth and showering were just..icky.  Luckily we have a water filter from the fridge so we could drink that. We recently switched our water filter in said fridge and I don’t think it was the correct one because now the water comes out as a trickle. We are impatiently thirsty people!  Jeffy and Ryan tried the sink water and realized it was back to it’s yumminess. Yay! It is nice knowing that we can fill up our cups quickly again with good water. I don’t know how long it will last, or what the issue was..but hopefully it lasts as long as the wrong water filter in the fridge. 😉

4. Nail polish!  If you happened to read my facebook post the other day, I had a chuckle when I forgot that I didn’t paint my toenails from the previous day…looked down and it looked like I didn’t have any toenails at all because there is ALWAYS color on my toes. Granted, my vision isn’t the best, but I am sure I would know if my toenails went somewhere.. I love OPI You’re A Pisa Work in the spring. I apologize for a pic of my feet in advance…

OPI toes

5. Amanda Palmer – In My Mind.  My cousin posted this song on facebook after getting a tattoo from some of the words. I have played it a few times since.


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7 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Fun stuff! Looking forward to continuing to read your blog! And I’ve never heard of powdered PB!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks! Yes, it is slowly coming around to more places I think. I lot of people that are on certain diets eat it. My friend sent it to me and all I can think of is baking!! 😀

  2. E says:

    Thank you! I love all the things. 😀

  3. Kelly says:

    About the water… people here talk about when the lakes turn over the tap water gets icky. I wonder if it is the same for the well water?

  4. Cristy S says:

    Ahhhh…baby goats!!!!! I love them. They are so very cute!! I love your picture.

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