Fort Fisher Aquarium and Wrightsville Beach

On our four day weekend we decided to go to Fort Fisher Aquarium and Wrightsville Beach.

It wasn’t that far of a drive and I can now see us going to the beach quite frequently, especially now that Jeffy isn’t working on his teaching course for Dubai!  The aquarium looked like it was going to be a leisurely stroll through…but of course upon our entering, a whole school of kids showed up. What? I thought for sure schools would be gone by then, not just arriving! So, we didn’t get to see all that we wanted to in our time there, but it was still a good time. My mom got us a membership so we can go back there and to the other aquariums in the area anytime!

I have a ton of pictures…

Luna the alligator

albino alligatorSome quail that were pretty dang cute…


alligatorgreen tree froggreen snakefish feeding timejellyfishjellyfish swimmingLauren jaws

It was a chilly day when we left the house in the morning. I thought it perfect temperature for a little sweatshirt and such… Of course, Lauren had wanted to wear a bathing suit and I didn’t think she would even be going in the water since it was chilly. Ya…right…

Lauren Kyle beachLauren Kyle at beachseashells at the beachThis is a heart shell that I spotted. Was quick enough to grab a pic of it, but wasn’t quick enough to pick it up before the wave came…

heart seashell



wave coming

See that wave behind Kyle??  Yeah well…he didn’t.  Since he was already wet…him and Lauren took advantage of it. 😛

Kyle soaked

Kyle and Lauren soaked

Kyle and Lauren Wrightsville Beach

Yeah, they were both soaked from head to toe. And had to drive home like that because they didn’t bring other clothes to change into. Ahh, gotta love that! 😉

Jeffy at Wrightsville Beach

Birds flying across the sun at the beach

Family at Wrightsville Beach

Lifeguard station at Wrightsville BeachI asked Ryan to take a picture of me and Jeffy. It was all of a sudden quite windy, but it still turned out halfway decent. 🙂

Jeffy and Jen at Wrightsville BeachI can’t wait for our next trip to the beach!  I am sure everyone will be bringing swim suits or at least something to change into next time.  😀  I love that we live so close to the beach…

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  1. Cristy S says:

    How fun! We went to an aquarium earlier in the month. I love your beach pictures. Yay for exploring.

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