One chore I actually kinda like…

It’s a common occurrence as I am scrolling my Facebook feed that at least one person is complaining about laundry. It seems that nobody out there likes laundry at all, not even one little bit. They show pictures of laundry piles waiting to be folded, or washed, or washed again because it sat in the washer too long.

This got me to thinking. The one chore I actually kinda like…is laundry! What the heck? Am I alone in this?


I like how everything is sorted into colors. I like how it is just pretty easy to actually do laundry. Put it in the washer and it is done all by itself it just needs to be transferred to the dryer. I know I would be not saying that I enjoyed doing laundry if there were no washers because I couldn’t imagine cleaning our amount of clothes on a wash board and then hanging them all to dry. I think all of my days would be nothing but laundry. How did people do it?

The biggest help in my liking of laundry was having a place where we can hang stuff right there by the washer and dryer. So as soon as the dryer plays its little musical notes signifying that it has done its job I can rush in and hang everything that needs hanging and then fold everything else and put it in the basket. When the basket is full, I bring it upstairs and sort it out into piles as to each person in the house. Those piles stay there until all the laundry is done for the day. Then, once that is all done I can deliver said piles to each person.

Now, I know you may be wondering why I don’t have the kids do their own laundry. Well, since we homeschool, they aren’t changing clothes one hundred times a day, so it would take them a while to get a proper load ready to be washed. And a load of whites? Ha! They don’t have that many clothes!

On the other hand, I do have them doing their own bedding a couple times a month. (It’s better than nothing, am I right?) So, they are still getting the experience of doing laundry to be all self sufficient and such, but they aren’t going to be walking around wearing who knows what while they are waiting for a load of laundry to be big enough to wash. 😉

I will be even more excited once our remodel is done. You guys…our stair case is sooo narrow in our house. I can barely fit with our laundry baskets. And sometimes those things get heavy! Especially in winter when it is all denim in there! They are wood stairs so you know I am tempted to just shove the whole basket down and cross my fingers it all ends up ok.

Our remodel will be giving us an upstairs laundry! That will be the greatest thing. I am kinda getting low on patience for our whole remodel thing to happen. We have been waiting on plans for a while now so I am getting antsy. Can’t really remodel during the winter here, so….we were hoping we would be further along by now. Ah well…

Anyway, time to feed the birdies…but let me know if you are like me and don’t mind laundry…or if you are like ‘them’ who despises the whole thought of it. 😉

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