Four years ago!

Woah, so according to Timehop it was four years ago yesterday that we packed up the RV in AZ and headed east. It seems like we just moved here and I can remember it all so clearly.. Yet, it also feels like we have been in NC forever!

I wish I could have documented more of our move as it was happening, but our internet was having issues on our phones back then and Jeffy’s laptop was not the greatest. Ah well. I am still enjoying the last few days on Timehop and the few pics that were on Instagram as we traveled.

I am happy that I started this yearly family photo in front of our house. Seeing the changes in everyone is so crazy! I wonder what the total inches grown is since 2012, lol.  I basically tell everyone to come out in whatever they are wearing, whatever they look like. I do the same thing, obviously, lol. I know one year it was just after getting all of our birds in on a hot day. This year they were still out as you can see..

Check out the latest edition for 2016 at the bottom. Thanks to Emily for taking it this year! 🙂
Four years ago

Family 2012Three years ago

Family 2013Two years ago

Family 2014One year ago

Family 2015This year! 😀

Family 2016

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