State the Facts: A Guide to Studying Your State {Review}

In one of my homeschool groups, a common question comes up… What is everyone doing for studying North Carolina? There have been a couple suggestions, but for the most part there seems to be a lot of virtual shrugging going on. So, I was definitely excited to review State the Facts: A Guide to Studying Your State by Laurelwood Books.

Laurelwood books state the facts

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the State the Facts book, but I will say I was surprised at everything in the book! The idea is that you can use this book for one complete state. If you wanted to do another state, you could get another book! They are less than $14 each, and you can be as thorough as you would like, there are 50 pages to fill in!

After moving here four years ago, we really didn’t know much about North Carolina, so of course we worked on our state! We had learned so much about Arizona living there and even did a huge study shortly before we moved, so it was good timing for this book to come!

As you open the book there is just a short page on how to use the book. Very simple! Anytime you see a *______ you just fill it in with the state you are studying! Right away it has you research addresses and phone numbers for anyone from your local librarian to the President! Then, it gives you a couple scripts to use as you call them to get information! Now, my kids just aren’t very talkative on the phone, so we kind of skipped that part for now… This book doesn’t have to be done in any particular order, which I think is perfect for us!

The next few pages have to do with statehood. When, how, who, that sort of thing. We have done some early American History, but nothing really going into North Carolina specifically, so this was interesting… Another section I liked was about the flags. Now, Arizona became a state so late that there isn’t much change, but NC on the other hand…the US flag was definitely different back in the 1700’s! It has you research what the flag looked like when your chosen state became a state..

Another section that had some drawing involved are the state animal, tree, bird and flower. I like that the book has different ways to learn. Writing down the things you learned, talking about how you feel about different things regarding the state, and the drawing!

Laurelwood books state the factsLaurelwood books state the facts

Some of the research had to do with goods and services. I was impressed with how thorough some of these questions were!

Laurelwood books state the factsLaurelwood books state the facts

There are many other things that they suggest you research, some I had never even thought of when studying states! One thing I did notice, since this book was written almost ten years ago, the list of presidents at the end of the book has the current president as George W. Bush. There is room to fill in one more president though, so you can do that.

We have been working on this book for a while now and still aren’t close to being done with it all! I am looking forward to learning more about our state!

Laurelwood Books has many more books such as penmanship and Latin! If you are interested to read some experiences using these other products, feel free to click on the banner below! And, if you decide you want to purchase anything, make sure to use the discount code blogger121 for 20% off!! 🙂

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}

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