Where I’ve been…

It’s been kind of quiet around here.. There have been a few things that have kept me from the computer lately..   Just wanted to put it out there that I am back and caught up with everything now, in case you wondered, lol. Y’know, in case it was keeping you up at night, wondering where I’ve been… lol.

Some of the things that occurred happened close together so it was just a little overwhelming.

We had one of our cats die.. She was around 18 years old as we got her shortly after we got married and before Ryan was born. She hadn’t been right for a little while but really went downhill over a weekend. We had called our farm vet to come to the house but she couldn’t come until a Wednesday…well, Little Kitten couldn’t make it that long. It was sad, but we are all feeling better that she is not having a hard time anymore.
Little KittenI also hit my head on a shelf. I hit it so hard and in just the right place that I couldn’t help but fall backwards onto the ground. Thankful that the dogs moved out of the way, although I know Puppy was pretty close to me. I was there on the ground just holding my head and felt the stickiness of blood. Ugh. But the way it hurt, I figured it was inevitable.

I couldn’t look at it very well in the mirror so I had to interrupt Jeffy who was just about to take a shower. He looked at it and thought it would be ok. It definitely hurt though! Thankfully it didn’t continue to bleed. But I had a heck of a headache for a couple days!

There has been just an overall sense of busyness lately. Jeffy is doing a lot for work, we are finishing up our stuff to be licensed for fostering… We were all just a little overwhelmed. So, we made a last minute decision to head to the beach with Jeffy. We had never been to Atlantic Beach before and the hotel was right on the beach, so we thought it would be a good couple of days to relax.

Well, the hotel was completely booked.. So as we called to upgrade our room to something that would fit us all a little better, we were turned down.. We had to make a room with two queen beds fit five of us. Ha! We bought a twin air mattress, and that worked for Lauren. Ryan preferred to sleep on the floor the first night on a couple blankets. The next night Kyle got the floor…we had attempted to get a blow up raft, but it just wasn’t big enough.

Atlantic BeachWe did have a great breakfast one morning, the next morning we just had McDonald’s since it was close and we had to pack everything up. Jeffy and I had nightly responsibilities, so the kids hung out at the room during that time. We went to the beach at night because the day time was so so hot. It was a beautiful time to go! The sun was just thinking about setting when we got there and we got to watch it get dark. The Atlantic water is so much warmer than the Pacific, so it was like wading through bath water…it was a great night.
Jeff and Jen at Atlantic BeachFor some reason I woke up at 3am the next day. It was pretty brutal. But, it allowed me to be awake to watch the sunrise! I have been wanting to do that since we moved here! We were off on an angle but I was still able to see the sun rise over some buildings. It was very pretty and quiet.
Atlantic Beach SunriseSo, it was an odd trip as it was kind of relaxing and kind of not…. But it was still nice to get away.. 🙂 We definitely need to do that more often. There are so many different areas to see around here.

So, that’s a little bit into where we have been lately. Getting back to normal around here again… 🙂

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