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One of the most common questions I see floating around on my Facebook feed is about tv shows. What are you watching on Netflix, or Hulu, or whatever.. It is also one of my favorite questions to see because I always get new ideas! Here is a list of our current Netflix’ing going on…

For a few years Jeffy and I just didn’t watch much tv at all. So once we started again we had SO many shows to watch and catch up on.. Grey’s Anatomy was a big one for us, we still aren’t caught up on it since we take a break from it every now and again..

We typically watch an adventure type show and then a funny show to balance it out. If we don’t watch a more lighthearted show after the more serious one, we tend to have odd dreams. We still do, but not as often.

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Criminal Minds was a pleasant surprise. This was a suggestion from Netflix for us that we happened to flip to. We love these type of shows, as long as it doesn’t get too gross…

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The Office is a pretty good show to even out the seriousness of Criminal Minds. Some shows are definitely better than others but we at least get a chuckle out of each episode.

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Iron Fist is a more recent addition to our shows. For every two Criminal Minds we will watch an Iron Fist. I think it is our last show to finish before we watch the new Marvel show that started recently. We are usually very late to the game when it comes to tv shows, in case you couldn’t tell, lol.

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Atypical is a wonderful show. Full of laughs as well as some more serious topics. Jeffy doesn’t watch shows like Parenthood, so this was a surprise to me that he wanted to watch this with me. I started watching it by myself and he happened to come in on the first episode and stayed…now it’s a thing.

This is our current lineup. I know Atypical doesn’t have many shows on yet, so I am sure we will be on the lookout for another show to fill the spot. We still have a while to go on Criminal Minds and The Office.

What is on your current Netflix queue? 🙂

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