Thin Stix Classic Colors {Review}

A while back I tried out Kwik Stix and had a great time playing with them. We still bring them out when there is an assignment that calls for paint or when we just get a crafty bug. I was excited when The Pencil Grip, Inc. came out with Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors!

Thin Stix by KwikStix

I remember last time I wrote about the original Kwik Stix we did projects that would definitely have been easier to do if we had smaller pens. And look! They now have Thin Stix!

Check out the size difference. It doesn’t look like much, but it is!

Thin StixPlus, I think the narrower as well as longer ‘pen’ makes it easier for people to use, especially those little kiddos!

If you don’t know what Kwik Stix are, it is basically paint in pen, or crayon, form! I like to compare it to a lipstick. You will see what I mean when you use them! But I can try all I want to be a Pinterest mom, but you guys, I just can’t do it.. So, when there was an assignment that called for painting or something, we would usually just skip over it.

Now, I really don’t mind using these paint sticks at all! They are a solid tempera paint, just like the stuff you buy in the store, but definitely less messy. When you use them, the paint dries super fast, it says 90 seconds, but really, I think it is faster than that. Of course I never do it super thick.

We did a few different crafty things lately. I will share a couple so you can see how they look. When we did these crafts, we didn’t even put anything down on the table, we just painted right on it! Well, not directly on the table, but the paper was on the table.. hehe. If we colored off the paper, we could easily just wipe it off!

Another cool thing is that you don’t have to worry about paint brushes or glasses of water that inevitably get knocked over…

thin stix craft

This was something that I used to do a lot.. I thought it would be fun to try out with these Thin Stix! I didn’t do it perfectly, but I think it gets the point across. But with the thinner tips I could do the little finer lines and you can still see them showing up. When I was making this Jeffy commented that if I had done this with crayons there would be crayon chunks everywhere. He liked how smooth it was.

thin stix craft

This next project we did was perfect as it could be broken down between me and the three kids. I have seen this done with acrylic paint on canvas but I thought it would be a super fun project to use with these! Since the tip is smaller than the original we were able to make little leaves and even the branches could be smaller.

The Thin Stix are easier for little kids than the regular Kwik Stix size..I think these are perfect for people of any age!

You can check out what I did with the regular sized Kwik Stix. If you want to see what projects others did, feel free to click the banner below! 🙂

No Mess Art with Thin Stix Classic Colors {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}

Thin Stix Classic Colors

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Thursday Things

Well, I guess it is Thursday again! I don’t know how it seems like it comes so quickly anymore. But I guess a Thursday coming quickly is better than a Monday coming quickly.. I feel like I am repeating myself…ha! It seems like things have been happening like crazy around these parts, and I realized I hadn’t done a Thursday Things for this month, so here ya go!

Image result for trader joe's joe joe's truffles

You guys know that I love me some Trader Joe’s… So, this comes as no surprise. But have you tried these Joe-Joe’s truffles? They are so yummy. And what I like most about them is that each one is 100 calories, but one is just plenty enough for a treat! Ahhh…

We finally made the drive to IKEA this week. We got a few of these carts and I immediately threw a bunch of stuff in there. It isn’t organized at all, but at least it is away from the fireplace and such. But these carts are inexpensive and easy to put together.. Well, Ryan and I put one together and then Ryan did the rest by himself. 😉

Image result for hair skin and nails

I love me some gummy vitamins! I picked these up a couple months ago and thought they were pretty good, noticed a difference pretty quickly! I ran out and was at a vitamin store and picked up what they had. Night and day difference! Didn’t taste as good and it seems like all of the things that I noticed previously went away! So, I got these again… 🙂

We finally were able to pick up our second vehicle! It was even better when Jeffy got home and we could drive it around as a family for a longer trip. We bought it and they had to do a repair to the back seats because it wouldn’t latch properly. They had the thing for a week!! Thankfully we could finally pick it up…It really sucked being a one car family, I don’t know how people do it.

This is Jeffy’s song of choice lately. I admit it is catchy. We pretty much like the same kind of music except I just can’t stand his heavy screamy stuff, lol.

So, that’s it for my Thursday Things! Let me know what you liked about this past week, or even the month if that suits you better! 🙂


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Are you a traveler?

I have always wanted to travel and see new things. I haven’t traveled as much as I have wanted, but I have been able to go to a few places. I don’t have a passport so I haven’t been out of the country except to Mexico and Canada back when you didn’t need a passport in order to cross the border. Are you a traveler?

are you a traveler

This has been floating around facebook for years now I think and I look every now and again to see if any states have changed. It surprises me when I can add in another state, lol.

A few months ago I was able to add another state and next month I will be able to add in another state or two, maybe even three. Exciting! I don’t know if I will ever fill in the whole map, but it is still fun to see where I have been and where I still need to go.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

Now, I am hoping that I remembered all of the ones that I have been to. For some reason Colorado is questionable in my mind.

It’s funny seeing all of the little pockets of places that I haven’t been.. Now that I am on this side of the country where the states are much smaller, I am hoping to fill in some of the blanks over here.

I am wondering if I will ever leave the country again. I would like to get a passport though, just in case… We were supposed to do something for our 20th anniversary, but something else was more important.. So, maybe an upcoming year it will happen. Better get on that passport thing, eh?

You can click on the link to make your own map.

What does your map look like? Is it more pink or more grey?

Are there places that you really want to visit or are you happy with what you have?

Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

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Person to Person – Foster care fundraiser

May is National Foster Care Month! I know it is other months too, but I am focusing on this one. I think it may even be hamburger month? I am not sure. Ha! Anyway, foster care means quite a bit to me, so I decided to start up Person to Person – Foster care fundraiser.

Person to Person - foster care fundraiser

This foster care fundraiser is trying to help out three counties here in North Carolina. Each county is requesting different things for various ages. There are some similarities, but for the most part it is all different.

One county has quite a few newborns and babies coming into care Another county has a lot of older kids as well as kids aging out of foster care. The other one seems to get a variety coming into care. So you can see how varied the needs are!

I am hoping to really make a difference with this fundraiser! Splitting between three counties will be interesting, so you can imagine I want it to really take off!

There are three easy ways to help donate, if you are interested!

Person to Person - Foster care fundraiser - Amazon wishlist

First is an Amazon wishlist! This is so easy to do! You can click through the list and purchase something from it. Then whatever you get off of the list gets sent directly to me! You don’t have to go to the post office or anything! It’s all so quick! There are so many different things on there too, with different price points. Something as small as little newborn socks to a piece of luggage! Anything helps!!

Person to Person - Foster care fundraiser - teespring tshirt

There are also t-shirts that are being sold, from TeeSpring. They are in my Person to Person storefront. You can purchase a shirt and the profit comes back to me so that I can purchase needed items. This is fun because you can donate and get a shirt too! 🙂

Person to Person foster care fundraiser - Hollar

This is another fun one, if you like to shop online! If you use my code at you will automatically get $2 in your account to go towards your first purchase. There are so many fun things here at great prices! I have made several orders from Hollar and everything has arrived perfectly! When you  make your first purchase then I also will get $2 in my account so that I can purchase needed items. They always have a huge selection of baby items and backpacks as well as household items that some of the older teens are requesting!

Also on the site is a resource tab, if you were wanting some more information on foster care. I know not a lot of people even know exactly what it is!!

If you click on the projects tab, you can see a little bit of the variety of things that are being requested. I made sure to get as much information on these lists as possible to make sure I could get exactly what they needed..

I have a huge goal…and the only way I can make that goal is with donations. I don’t know a ton of people, but if you happen to read this and want to help, I would definitely appreciate it! If you can’t help at this time, maybe you could pass it on and maybe someone else can!

I am really hoping to really make a difference this May!! I would love your help in however that help comes!! Thanks!!

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ArtAchieve Entire Level IV {Review}

Ahhh, you guys know how much we love art for our homeschool! I love finding new ways to learn art, but sometimes it is good to use something that you know! A while back we used ArtAchieve and we did the Entire Level III. Well, this time we decided to step it up a notch and try out the Entire Level IV!


We all really enjoy just plain drawing, so that is what we started with. The pencil drawing for this level was The Convent in L’viv.  One of the things I like best about ArtAchieve is that it isn’t JUST an art lesson!

Our lesson started out with a description of the convent and quite a bit of history about it! It even talked about the Cyrillic language since a bit of it was at the bottom of the plaque that was used for inspiration for the drawing.

After the brief introduction to our lesson, we branched off a bit and started looking at the Cyrillic language. We found a couple websites and were able to learn that the language was based quite a bit on the Greek language! That tied in wonderfully with quite a few of our other studies lately! We were fascinated that the Cyrillic alphabet has been adapted to write more than 50 different languages, mainly in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. One site we found even had a pronunciation guide. Fun!

As we go back to the lesson, you are told to print out the warmup worksheet. It has squares that use shapes for the main drawing as well as empty squares. You copy in the square below what is in the above square. It gets you used to the angles and curves that you will be doing in the main drawing.

You then print out a basic image of the drawing so you can use that as a guideline. We printed one out and taped it up high so that everyone could see it at the same time. Then we were ready to start out lesson!

There is a choice to use a PowerPoint type lesson or a video lesson. What we do is alternate between the two. I think that is the best way! Sometimes the teacher either isn’t clear enough for us or we miss something that was done too quick for us. Then, we can switch to the PowerPoint and it has lines of where to draw things and sometimes little notes as well on things to notice.


Here is our finished drawings, I will not say which one belongs to which person. I love how unique they are though! And I think everyone did a wonderful job!

Another thing I love about this lesson is that it was fairly quick. The video was about 30 minutes from start to finish and that was including the introduction as well as some warm up techniques and suggestions. Sure, we stopped to draw what we were told to, but we finished our drawings pretty quickly. I think shading took the longest as that was more detailed.

It is wonderful that each lesson is based on art from around the world! Each lesson also includes a whole page on other areas of study! This particular one included things from subjects in Literature, Social Studies, Art and Architecture, and Math. There were also links to other art projects within ArtAchieve that featured Ukraine. I love when things are organized like this!


You are able to buy each lesson individually and it quite inexpensive, around $6! Or, you can get the whole level for only $45! If you want to try it out, you can do the free lesson on the site!

If you want to see what level other people used, and what their projects were, feel free to click on the link below!

Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}


Crew Disclaimer

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What I read in April

What I read this month

It is already May!! May is going to be quite busy by the looks of it, so I am not sure how many books I will get read this month. Jeffy is traveling a bit more than normal since he doesn’t travel much in June or July, so maybe I will get some reading done then.. Anyway, here is what I read in April.. Let me know any book titles that you have loved lately, or old favorites that you think I should read! 🙂

It always kind of surprises me when I go to make these posts about what books I read in a month. Sometimes there is such a variety of books it makes me chuckle, other times it is a lot of the same.. Funny how that happens.


Into White by Randi Pink – When a black teenager prays to be white and her wish comes true, her journey of self-discovery takes shocking–and often hilarious–twists and turns in this debut that people are sure to talk about.

LaToya Williams lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and attends a mostly white high school. She’s so low on the social ladder that even the other black kids disrespect her. Only her older brother, Alex, believes in her. At least, until a higher power answers her only prayer–to be “anything but black.” And voila! She wakes up with blond hair, blue eyes, and lily white skin. And then the real fun begins . . .

Randi Pink’s debut dares to explore provocative territory. One thing’s for sure–people will talk about this book.

What I thought: It was just an odd book. I mean, I get the storyline and all, but the way it was done was just a little odd and I couldn’t get into it 100%. I liked bits of it though.


The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty – Chebron, the young son of an Egyptian high priest, and Amuba, a young slave in the boy’s household, are close friends; but their lives are greatly altered when Chebron accidentally kills a cat, an animal held sacred by the ancient Egyptians. Forced to flee for their safety, the boys and their companions begin a long and dangerous journey. A thrilling adventure story, this is also a tale packed with historical facts. Among other fascinating details, young readers learn about the Egyptian religion and geography, how the Nile was used for irrigation, and how the Egyptians made war and were prepared for burial. A captivating book that accurately describes life in a once magnificent civilization, this volume will especially appeal to youngsters fascinated by the life and customs of ancient Egypt.

What I thought: I really enjoyed the way the book was written, it got you involved in the story with the characters. It’s a little slow at times but I think it is just the way the author writes..


Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst – The enemy wants us to feel rejected . . . left out, lonely, and less than. When we allow him to speak lies through our rejection, he pickpockets our purpose. Cripples our courage. Dismantles our dreams. And blinds us to the beauty of Christ’s powerful love.

In Uninvited, Lysa shares her own deeply personal experiences with rejection—from the incredibly painful childhood abandonment by her father to the perceived judgment of the perfectly toned woman one elliptical over.

With biblical depth, gut-honest vulnerability, and refreshing wit, Lysa helps readers:
Release the desire to fall apart or control the actions of others by embracing God-honoring ways to process their hurt.
Know exactly what to pray for the next ten days to steady their soul and restore their confidence.
Overcome the two core fears that feed our insecurities by understanding the secret of belonging.
Stop feeling left out and start believing that “set apart” does not mean “set aside.”
End the cycle of perceived rejection by refusing to turn a small incident into a full blown issue.

What I thought: I totally saw some things in this book that reminded me of things in my past. Past friends, past experiences… Gah.. But I enjoyed the way the book was told. Some bits were repetitive, but I think I have mentioned that before with these sorts of books. I guess it is a common theme..


Walden by Henry David Thoreau – Henry David Thoreau, noted transcendentalist, wrote Walden as a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings. The work is part personal declaration of independence, social experiment, voyage of spiritual discovery, satire, and manual for self-reliance.

Nature was a study for the essayist, naturalist, and environmentalist David Thoreau. He communed from his cabin on Walden Pond, owned by Ralph Waldo Emerson, to -live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and… learn what it had to teach.-

Walden is landmark book on self-reliance and simple living.

What I thought: So, I was reading this out loud and I am sure that made a difference but it was hard to get into it that way. Some of the words and writing were just difficult to get across. I liked the storyline well enough but nothing really grabbed my attention for too long.


Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison – The startling and ultimately uplifting narrative of one woman’s thirteen-year experience as a foster parent.

For more than a decade, Kathy Harrison has sheltered a shifting cast of troubled youngsters-the offspring of prostitutes and addicts; the sons and daughters of abusers; and teenage parents who aren’t equipped for parenthood. All this, in addition to raising her three biological sons and two adopted daughters. What would motivate someone to give herself over to constant, largely uncompensated chaos? For Harrison, the answer is easy.

Another Place at the Table is the story of life at our social services’ front lines, centered on three children who, when they come together in Harrison’s home, nearly destroy it. It is the frank first-person story of a woman whose compassionate best intentions for a child are sometimes all that stand between violence and redemption.

What I thought: I enjoyed reading a little about the life of this long term foster family. I know some things have changed in foster care since this is written, and that is a good thing. I enjoyed reading about the different kids, although sometimes it was hard to keep up between them all.


Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson – When Isabelle Poole meets Dr. Preston Grind, she’s just about out of options. She recently graduated from high school and is pregnant with her art teacher’s baby. Her mother is dead and her father is a drunk. The art teacher is too much of a head-case to help raise the child. Izzy knows she can be a good mother but without any money or prospects, she’s left searching.

So when Dr. Grind offers her a space in The Infinite Family Project, she accepts. Housed in a spacious compound in Tennessee, she joins nine other couples, all with children the same age as her newborn son, to raise their children as one extended family. Grind’s theory is that the more parental love a child receives, the better off they are.

This attempt at a utopian ideal-funded by an eccentric billionaire-starts off promising: Izzy enjoys the kids, reading to them and teaching them to cook. She even forms a bond with her son more meaningful than she ever expected. But soon the gentle equilibrium among the families is upset and it all starts to disintegrate: unspoken resentments between the couples begin to fester; the project’s funding becomes tenuous; and Izzy’s feelings for Dr. Grind, who is looking to expunge his own painful childhood, make her question her participation in this strange experiment in the first place.

Written with the same compassionate voice, disarming sense of humor, and quirky charm that made The Family Fang such a success, PERFECT LITTLE WORLD is a poignant look at how the best families are the ones we make for ourselves.

What I thought: I found this interesting as it broke it down by year. A project that people would probably be very fascinated by if it was a real life occurrence. Who knows, maybe people have done it, lol. But I did like the main character even though you don’t get a ton of info on who she is..


The Art of War by Sun Tzu – Preserved in China for more than 2,000 years before it was brought to the West by the French, this compact little book is widely regarded as the oldest military treatise in the world. Rumored to have been used by Napoleon in his campaigns to conquer Europe, it today retains much of its original merit. American officers read it closely during World War II. The Japanese army studied the work for decades, and many 20th-century Chinese officers are said to have known the book by heart. More recently, it has also been viewed as a valuable guide to competing successfully in business.
Stressing the importance of attacking your enemy when he is unprepared and scheming to discover his plans, the author advises avoiding the strong and striking at the weak, and using spies for every kind of business. Principles of strategy, tactics, maneuvering, and communications, the treatment of soldiers, the importance of strong troops and well-trained officers, and the administration of rewards and punishments all have a modern ring to them.
A valuable guide to the conduct of war, this classic of military strategy is indispensable to military personnel, history enthusiasts, and anyone intrigued by competition and rivalry.

What I thought: Well, it was definitely unlike any other book I have read, lol. It’s basically a plan on war and how to win it. I read that people use the book in relationships and such as well. I just don’t But I do like some of the ideas in the book. It was just another that was hard to get into.

Well, that’s it for this month! I have a feeling it will definitely be less for May, but you never know..


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Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” {Review}

at Within the last year I have seen numerous homeschool people that I follow talk about Drive Thru History®. I had no idea what it was but I was definitely curious! I know I have opened the site up quite a few times since then and just didn’t know which one to start with first! We recently got Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”.

Drive Thru History The Gospels

I am so very glad we did! What you see in the picture is what you get. They definitely don’t skimp on packaging! The book cover is very thick and good quality. On the inside covers are the dvd holders so it makes sense that the book cover has to be thick, but I was still very impressed! The dvd holders are great in that they aren’t the flimsy ones that you have to worry about the dvd’s falling out all the time.

The included book reminds me of a nice quality photo book that you can order. The pages aren’t thin, but they aren’t extremely thick either, and I think it is perfect. The pictures are fantastic throughout this book! There are portrait style photos, photos of places traveled and pictures of artwork along the way. My favorite is a mosaic picture that includes different photos to make up a portrait of Jesus. I love that!

Drive Thru History The Gospels

What I enjoy about this particular Drive Thru History® is that Dave Stotts travels to all of these places that are mentioned in the Bible. I am doubtful that we will ever be able to go and see all of these locations so to actually view them while at the same time telling these stories in the Bible sometimes gives me goosebumps.

We decided to do this as a sort of family Bible study. Once a week we would watch an episode and then work on the corresponding section in the book. The episodes aren’t very long at all, like a typical tv show, just 30 minutes!

Each section in the book for an episode starts off with a quote, a summary and then five discussion questions. Also there is some suggested Bible reading which isn’t very intensive at all. You could do it all in one day or spread it out over the week. There is also a ‘side road’ section that gives just another tidbit of information for that week.

The discussion questions are really thoughtful questions. Not in the way that you really have to give an answer on how you feel about something. None of them really take too much time to answer, but they really help in making sure you understand the episode that you just watched.

Everything in the book ties in so well with the dvd episode! It really makes for a complete study!

Drive Thru History The Gospels

Dave Stotts is a great narrator on this series. He doesn’t just stand there and talk the whole episode. He physically goes to various locations that are mentioned in the Bible! He jokes around too, which is always nice. I am crushing on the vehicle that he drives around. 🙂 He said he is only borrowing it though, so..I guess I am out of luck. I mean, honestly, I am pretty sure I was out of luck anyway…ha!

As he covers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John you can tell how excited he is about what he is talking about. That’s what my kids liked because they have seen a few people talk and they….weren’t as exciting to listen to…

My kids also enjoyed the fact that the questions didn’t really put them on the spot. There weren’t a lot of touchy feely type questions. Like I mentioned it was basically asking questions about things from the episode.

We haven’t yet finished all of the dvd’s yet, but I am excited to see what else is in store for us. Make sure you check out the website (Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”) where you can see a trailer as well as find out how to see a free episode!

If you want to see what others thought, and how they used, this, feel free to click on the banner below!

The Gospels {Drive Thru History® Reviews}

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”

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SpeedyPrep CLEP Test Prep {Review}

With Ryan being our very first high school senior, we sometimes feel like we are exploring a foreign planet. I mean, sure, we were seniors ourselves at one point, but it’s all different now! One of these new to us things are CLEP tests! CLEP tests assess your knowledge of college level courses and allow you to get credit for those courses without having to take them in college. Ryan has been exploring Principles of Microeconomics using SpeedyPrep.


What is SpeedyPrep? Ahh, glad you asked. 😉 But really, this is a great thing if you have kids that are planning on taking those aforementioned CLEP tests!

SpeedyPrep has 24 courses to choose from to aid you in passing your tests! What is really great is that with your subscription you can study for any or all of these tests, you don’t have to pick just one.

SpeedyPrep Courses

While Ryan doesn’t have immediate plans to attend a 4 year university, he has been taking college classes at the local community college for two years now. He is currently taking a microeconomics class this semester so he thought it would be interesting to try out that same class with SpeedyPrep!

As you are on the course menu you can click either on the course title that you want to start, or click on the Intro and/or Videos links. The intro links are actually very informative and break down in percentages the things that are being studied. The videos link has all of the videos that are used throughout the lesson in one place, which is helpful if you want to watch it again after getting to that part in the course.

When you log on for the first time, I wouldn’t suggest clicking on the videos button, as you will be able to see them as you are taking the course. If you watch them now, it will be out of context and you probably won’t remember them all anyway! (Please note that you are learning via the questions asked and not the videos.)

SpeedyPrep Question

As you start taking the course, you may be surprised to see it is fill in the blank style! Now, if you are like me, that is kind of scary…ha! Even if I know the answer I get flustered with fill in the blank questions.

SpeedyPrep QandA

Ryan gave me a little side eye when he started the course, but right away he got many answers correct! :whew: When he did miss a question he liked the fact that there is an explanation as to why you got the answer wrong along with the correct answer.

This is a good time to check out the videos! When you miss a question and want a little more explanation than what is given, or an example, sometimes a video works out better! Ryan said that the videos were quite helpful and helped him understand more.

He did notice that spelling is important! Some things were off by a letter, so make sure you know the spelling of words..ha! If you miss it due to spelling, just make a note of the correct spelling for next time.. 😉

As you continue through the course, you will start to see some similar questions. They do this because with repetition comes learning. You really have no excuse to miss these after seeing them so often! That’s one of the reasons they can offer a 100% Pass Guarantee! Mastery Learning! If you fail your CLEP test they will refund your subscription fee!


So, while Ryan isn’t using this course to pass a CLEP test at the moment…knowing that he CAN is actually very helpful! I would highly suggest using SpeedyPrep if you have a child planning on taking a CLEP test! If you have questions, feel free to check out their FAQ page to see if your answer is there, if not, when you log on you are given the option to chat with SpeedyPrep!

Feel free to check out what others thought of this great resource by clicking the banner below!

College Level Examination Program Preparation {SpeedyPrep Reviews}

SpeedyPrep CLEP Test Prep

Crew Disclaimer

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Thursday Things

Ok, so after doing a ‘what I hate’ kind of post on Monday, I figured I for sure should do a Thursday Things today to make up for it. Is it bad that I already have another list going for what I hate? hahaha! I will save that for a rainy day though. 😉

I hope you guys are having a great week! Seems like this one went by faster than ones previous. Of course it is when I have a lot on my to-do list and not enough time to do it in. Hopefully next week will slow down just a tad! Anywhere, here are the things I enjoyed about this previous week! Let me know what you liked about it!

Image result for double sided tape

  1. Double sided tape. I mean…I knew it existed and all.. But I really had no use for it! We have been doing a homeschool project for a few weeks now and have been going through this stuff like crazy. What a lifesaver!! 🙂

Image result for wacom tablet blue

2. Wacom tablet. Why haven’t I ever gotten one of these?? I was in a jam and was slightly stressed and then I remembered that Ryan had a wacom tablet! Yes!! I could draw what I needed to! Even if it isn’t perfect it is much better than what I could draw with  my mouse! Yay!!

Image result for my magic mud whitening toothpaste

3. My Magic Mud toothpaste. Ok..this one took me by surprise. I mean, black toothpaste is just a little weird. Took some getting used to also! But seriously, like the ads say, I noticed a difference just after my first use! So crazy. I still have my Nature’s Gate toothpaste to use up so I use that at night and this in the morning. I kinda love it!

Image result for monster at the end of the book

4. The Monster at the end of this Book. This has been a favorite book for years and years! I forgot that I had gotten a huge stack of these Little Golden Books a while back from a store that was clearing out their stock. I found them the other day as I was cleaning out the baby section in our closet. Ahh, I love that book. 🙂

5. I Wanna Go Back by David Dunn – This is a cute song and it makes me remember the songs that are mentioned in the song.. It’s been playing frequently on my phone so I figured I would include it here.. 🙂

So those are my five things for this week! Let me know what you liked about your week!

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Gotta hate it…

So, I am a pretty happy person. Even when things are crazy, I am a ‘bright side’ person. Every now and again I get a little streak of pessimist running through me though. I guess it happens! I talk on here frequently about things I love. On Thursday’s I mention things that I liked about the week.. It is a common thing around here. But today? I talk about things that I just don’t like. I don’t have to love everything, but sometimes I gotta hate it… lol.

A lot of these things are loved by a lot of my friends. I don’t care that you love these things, just like I am sure that you don’t care that I don’t like these things. So, we are all good… 😉

Gotta hate–.jpg

  1. Mango. I have tried mango, I really have. I mean, how fun are you? Mango on a stick in Mexcio? All kinds of pretty foods made with you.. Drinks.. I just can’t do it. It’s not you, it’s me…

Gotta hate it-brass2. Brass. I know a lot of people are decorating their houses with brass, brass and more
brass. I just don’t like it. I have been on a silver kick for ages.. I even like grey (gray)
clothes more lately.

Gotta hate it...salt3. Salt. I just don’t like added salt in my food. I don’t mind it on like, tortilla chips (corn chips?) but don’t be putting it on the food that is on my plate. I like the taste of the food as it is, thank you very much…

Gotta hate it...scared

4. Being scared. I don’t like scary movies, horror stories, ghost houses at Halloween. None of that nonsense. Even surprise parties.. Gah… I sound like such a fun person, eh? lol.

Gotta hate it...lobster

5. Lobster. Have I ever tried it? No. But look at that thing. :gag: Would I want it as a pet? No. I just don’t see it being anything that I would like…lol.

So, there are five things that I just don’t like all that much. It seems fitting for a Monday. 😉

What are some things that you don’t like? Because I am all curious now, lol.



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