Switching to year round school?


What a crazy school year it has been so far! We have had so many things happen that we have had to take numerous breaks! We typically take the fall off instead of summer so that we can enjoy the loveliness that fall brings, but now I am wondering if we will get that break! Are we switching to year round school?

We took time off for when we had company, we took time off when I lost my voice… We took a lot of time off when we had the foster placement, that was an especially crazy time. We take time off when I go out of town with Jeffy, or if we all go out of town together.

I will be trying to get caught up so that we can take off at least a little bit of the fall, but at this point, I just don’t see it happening.

And we are going to hopefully do our remodel soon.

Yeah, that’s a different blog post all together! lol

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What I read in April

I have no idea what happened in April. Like…it is all a blur. I am trying to figure it out and nothin’.. I am surprised that I even got any books read. But I guess I did, lol. How are you doing in your Goodreads challenge? I feel like I am a little behind, especially compared to previous years, but that makes sense I suppose. Anyway, here is what I read in April!What I read in April

The Memory Trees by Kali Wallace – The Memory Trees is a dark magical realism novel about a mysterious family legacy, a centuries-old feud, and a tragic loss that resurfaces when sixteen-year-old Sorrow returns to her mother’s family orchard for the summer.

Sorrow Lovegood’s life has been shaped by the stories of the women who came before her: brave, resilient women who settled long ago on a mercurial apple orchard in Vermont. The land has been passed down through generations, and Sorrow and her family take pride in its strange history. Their offbeat habits may be ridiculed by other townspeople—especially their neighbors, the Abrams family—but for the first eight years of her life, the orchard is Sorrow’s whole world.

Then one winter night everything changes. Sorrow’s sister Patience is tragically killed. Their mother suffers a mental breakdown. Sorrow is sent to live with her dad in Miami, away from the only home she’s ever known.

Now sixteen, Sorrow’s memories of her life in Vermont are maddeningly hazy; even the details of her sister’s death are unclear. She returns to the orchard for the summer, determined to learn more about her troubled childhood and the family she left eight years ago. Why has her mother kept her distance over the years? What actually happened the night Patience died? Is the orchard trying to tell her something, or is she just imagining things?

What I thought: Well, I think I was expecting more from this book. I liked it, but it just kind of went on and on.

What I read in April

My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent – Turtle Alveston is a survivor. At fourteen, she roams the woods along the northern California coast. The creeks, tide pools, and rocky islands are her haunts and her hiding grounds, and she is known to wander for miles. But while her physical world is expansive, her personal one is small and treacherous: Turtle has grown up isolated since the death of her mother, in the thrall of her tortured and charismatic father, Martin. Her social existence is confined to the middle school (where she fends off the interest of anyone, student or teacher, who might penetrate her shell) and to her life with her father.

Then Turtle meets Jacob, a high-school boy who tells jokes, lives in a big clean house, and looks at Turtle as if she is the sunrise. And for the first time, the larger world begins to come into focus: her life with Martin is neither safe nor sustainable. Motivated by her first experience with real friendship and a teenage crush, Turtle starts to imagine escape, using the very survival skills her father devoted himself to teaching her. What follows is a harrowing story of bravery and redemption. With Turtle’s escalating acts of physical and emotional courage, the reader watches, heart in throat, as this teenage girl struggles to become her own hero—and in the process, becomes ours as well.

What I thought: Well, this had so much graphic stuff and language in it.. I wish I was the kind of person that could stop a book once they started. I kind of enjoyed reading about her happier times, but even still.. it was a hard book to read.

What I read in April

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass – Former slave, impassioned abolitionist, brilliant writer, newspaper editor and eloquent orator whose speeches fired the abolitionist cause, Frederick Douglass (1818–1895) led an astounding life. Physical abuse, deprivation and tragedy plagued his early years, yet through sheer force of character he was able to overcome these obstacles to become a leading spokesman for his people.
In this, the first and most frequently read of his three autobiographies, Douglass provides graphic descriptions of his childhood and horrifying experiences as a slave as well as a harrowing record of his dramatic escape to the North and eventual freedom.
Published in 1845 to quell doubts about his origins — since few slaves of that period could write — the Narrative is admired today for its extraordinary passion, sensitive and vivid descriptions and storytelling power. It belongs in the library of anyone interested in African-American history and the life of one of the country’s most courageous and influential champions of civil rights.

What I thought: Wow.. I don’t know why I haven’t read this before now, like in school or something! I think everyone should read it! Very powerful..

What I read in April

Mercy Rule by Tom Leveen – Danny’s parents yanked him from the art school that let him wear a kilt and listen to bands that no one’s heard of. Now he’s starting sophomore year at the public high school–the one with the gymnasium at the heart of the building and the glorified athletes who rule it all. The smart thing would be to blend in, but Danny has always been about making statements.

Brady just wants to get out. Go to college, play football, maybe reach the NFL. He definitely wants to stop waiting for his deadbeat mother to come home, sleeping on park benches, and going to bed hungry. But first he has to lead the team to the championships. It all adds up to a lot of stress. So who can really blame him when he and the football team turn their aggressions on the new freak? Even the quarterback needs to blow off steam sometimes.

Coach turns a blind eye to his players’ crimes–because this year, they’re going to States. But maybe if Coach had paid more attention they could’ve caught it before it all happened. Maybe it could’ve been avoided.


With quick cuts between a large cast of unforgettable characters, and razor-sharp plotting, Tom Leeven takes readers on a countdown to an inevitable, horrifying act. This gripping novel offers an intense, smart perspective on the tragic, toxic mindsets behind the celebrated American sport and the monsters it creates.

What I thought: Another wow.. Such a timely read, really. Tom Leveen is one of my favorite authors and this is one of my favorite books by him. I love the way he makes characters and stories alike just so real. I am usually not a fan of so many different main characters but it really worked in this book.

What I read in April

A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett by David Crockett – Even as a pup, Davy Crockett “always delighted to be in the very thickest of danger.” In his own inimitable style, he describes his earliest days in Tennessee, his two marriages, his career as an Indian fighter, his bear hunts, and his electioneering. His reputation as a b’ar hunter (he killed 105 in one season) sent him to Congress, and he was voted in and out as the price of cotton (and his relations with the Jacksonians) rose and fell. In 1834, when this autobiography appeared, Davy Crockett was already a folk hero with an eye on the White House. But a year later he would lose his seat in Congress and turn toward Texas and, ultimately, the Alamo.

What I thought: I was kind of looking forward to reading this but I was pretty underwhelmed. I guess it would be different. Still informative and glad I read it, but…eh.

So, that is what I read in April. Have you read anything great lately? Let me know!!

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Billy Graham – America’s Pastor {Review}

You must know by now that we are big readers during our school time. These books make up a good portion of my Goodreads challenge! YWAM Publishing is a definite favorite of ours. We have read a few books from them in the past so I was excited to choose another one.

With the recent passing of Billy Graham, I thought it would be interesting to read more about him! In Heroes of History-Billy Graham we learned a lot more than we thought we would! This book is part of the Heroes of History  series, but there is also a selection of books in the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series! All are so great to check out!


One thing that I love about YWAM Publishing  is that each book is written as a story. There is dialogue and little stories mixed into the book, so that it doesn’t read as a ‘school’ book would read.

Just yesterday, Jeffy had come in and sat with us at the table while we finished our school day with reading from this book. He was so interested in hearing the rest of the story of Billy Graham that he said to let him know when we were going to read it again today!

Billy Graham portrait

As you can see from the picture, the book was written before his passing, but it definitely covered most of his life. The book started when he was twelve years old and ended when he was in his 90s. That is a lot of information!

I have to be honest, I didn’t really know anything about him and all of the work that he did. He was very into getting rid of racial issues as well as spreading the message of God. So many people came to his talks, it is said that he preached to over 200 million people in 185 countries.

He did all this as well as being a husband and father. His schedule kept him away from home a lot of the year, but when he was with his family, he tried to make it all about them. I enjoyed reading about his personal life as well as his public one.

Billy Graham study guide

Right now we are starting chapter 15 out of 17, so we are almost done with this story. I am curious how they end it since he hadn’t yet passed away at the time of writing. We got involved in the Study Guide that is available to these books, that we went a little slower than we thought!

These study guides are fantastic! There is so much in there to do that it will definitely have something for everyone. We typically always go over the reading comprehension questions after each chapter, as that helps them to pay double attention to what is being read, as well as reinforcing what they read. These are done more in a discussion fashion, than in the style of a written quiz, as they can voice their opinions a little easier on the last couple questions in each chapter.

It was neat that he lived in North Carolina as we could check on our maps how close or how far cities were that were mentioned in the story. We had been to Asheville before, so we knew that Montreat wasn’t too far from there. Imagining living there on a mountain sounded wonderful, we could just picture the views!

Bily Graham states

We are focusing a bit on Geography again this year and Lauren took one of the suggestions in the study guide and changed it up a bit. She organized the states into where he visited as well as preached and made it into a sort of puzzle of the United States. One look at all of the countries he visited changed her mind on doing it for the countries…ha!

Her and Kyle were also working on one of the other projects that is very involved. I don’t think they realized it at the time of starting it!

Choose a series of crusades that Billy did and research the fastest or most cost-effective way to get from one place to another. Create a travel itinerary, showing how he would travel to each city. Include costs and a timetable.

At first they were trying to figure out what things would cost during the time he actually traveled, but a lot of that information wasn’t online, so they decided to just use the costs from today. This is taking a little longer than they expected, but they are enjoying it. They haven’t really traveled much so I think it is making them get the travel bug!

It is such a fantastic thing to have such a wonderful study guide in with these books! In the past I have mentioned Daniel Boone and C.S. Lewis. Both of those were just as wonderful! I am looking forward to checking out some others, and they are adding new books all the time! Feel free to click the banner below to read some reviews of the other books!


Billy Graham – America’s Pastor


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What to do with the baby stuff?

Now that we don’t know what the future holds for us regarding foster care, we realize our house is full of things that we bought when Princess Buttercup was here. What to do with the baby stuff?

baby stuff

We have two car seats, a crib, a high chair, bath tub, entertainment dealio’s.. Not to mention all the small stuff, bottles, clothes, and pacifiers.

There are still things we are finding around the house as she had a tendency to throw things when she was done with them.

We are hoping to do a remodel ASAP, so then we can revisit the whole small child thing and I doubt they will be calling us again any time soon.. There really isn’t a good place in storage, since it is not in a building but an outside storage facility. We don’t have a garage so we can’t put it in there.

Definitely don’t want to give it away as everything was brand new for Princess Buttercup.

Aghgh, what a little quandry we are in. All of this for one sweet little baby that we had only about six weeks.

It was worth it though. At least we could pass her to her next home happy and healthy and loved… 🙂 We can work out all this other stuff…

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I don’t know about you, but this has been the longest winter ever! It seems plenty of people on my Facebook feed are saying the same thing as well. Where is Spring?


I am thankful for the cooler temps, but some of these mornings are still in the 30s, and that just seems so weird! I think a lot of our plants and things have been confused as well.

We had planted some flowers when we had a couple of warmer days thinking that was the start of our Spring.. But lo and behold, those same flowers got snowed on three times and went through two night time freezes. They are still alive too!

I think I see a little bit of temps in the 70s soon, so I think that may be the start of it.. But at this rate, who knows! Back in Arizona, I hear people murmuring about temps in the 100s already. No thank you!

The humidity can stay away as long as it wants to here, I am not a fan of that. But this is why we take the Fall off of school. Because the weather is so fantastic and usually the super cold weather doesn’t start until after we start the new school year again.

What has the weather been like where you are? Do you like it or do you wish it would change? 🙂

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Help Teaching Pro {Review}

A couple years ago we used Help Teaching Pro in our schooling and it was wonderful! I realized last year that I missed not having the capability to print these worksheets anymore! We went back to HelpTeaching.com and yayyyy…we can now print as many things as we want! Of course, I think I went a little crazy as my black ink is now low, ha!

help teachingLast time we focused a lot on the math section. Because it is a struggle, y’all! Since it has been a couple years, I thought I would see what was added in the higher level grades. I like that you can search by category or grade level!

I clicked on grade 10 to see what was there, and it ends up there is more than I can even capture in a screenshot! The sections were: Function and Algebra Concepts, Geometry and Measurement, High School Math, and Shapes.

Help Teaching Math

We did quite a bit of different math.. But I did want to make sure we worked on mean, median, mode, and range. We haven’t done a ton of that, and what we have it has been a couple years. Always good to review that, especially since I know that Ryan used that in his college math class! This was under the Grade 9 section, but that’s what I love about this site is that you can use things from numerous grades. I even used something from the grade 3 section!

I like that when you click on a particular worksheet, you can go ahead and print however many you want. And the next tab over you can see the answer key! You can print it if you want, or if you just want to grade it off the screen you can do that as well.

Help Teaching writing promptI also went to check out the Language Arts section to see what they had for grade 10. There was a huge selection there as well! One thing that caught my attention right away was a writing prompt worksheet. Now, this really didn’t need to be printed out in my opinion, but it was cute anyway. There is a back story to why I picked this worksheet out and the kids had fun with it..

Help Teaching The Scarlett LetterAnd because it can’t all be fun and games… I also checked out what they had for novel worksheets! We had recently read quite a few from the Grade 10 list, but the most recent was The Scarlett Letter and I printed out that worksheet to see how they would do.

I will say that there are some pretty hard questions! In the future I think I would print them out as we start a book, rather than giving it to them after the fact. Looking at the questions myself, I didn’t know some of the answers and I was reading the book out loud to them, ha! There are some other titles that we will be reading soon I noticed, so I am going to print those out ahead of time.

Help Teaching Life Skills

As a quick note, I loved this Life Skills section! Especially the Wash Care Symbols, because really, who knows what all of those things mean on clothing tags anyway!! 😀 I thought that this was a very informative section and I wanted to make sure and mention it since it is a smaller section!

So many of these were applicable for the kiddos! And these were just the printable worksheets! You can also click on the Lessons tab! They do have a lot of lessons for Math and Language Arts, and I know I will go back to those soon, but right away I wanted to see what they had for Biology!

Help Teaching Fungus

The lessons aren’t that involved, which is nice since we already have a full curriculum and use these for extra information! We looked at the lesson on Fungi. There is a brief write up about fungi and then you answer practice questions. This particular lesson only had two questions. Then you watch the video. I like that they also suggest the related worksheets at the bottom, as well as some additional resources if you want to check out more information. And how about the timing on the video screen grab, eh? Ha!

I see more categories that we will use once we get to that section in our Biology curriculum! Sometimes hearing something a different way really helps you learn it better!

For lessons, they have English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.. For older kids like mine the lessons are meant for a more self directed learning. They are pretty self explanatory on how they work, so I think that is great!

Help Teaching earth dayAnother thing that I enjoyed is reading their blog! There was a recent article, The Importance of Teaching Personal Finance that I thought was very informative! It is definitely true, a lot of kids aren’t taught these things and have to find out the hard way! They do have quite a few interesting articles on their blog! As I write this, there is another great article on Earth Day activities!

There really is a lot you can do with this website. We didn’t take advantage of the Test Maker and Worksheet Generator this time around yet, but we have used it in the past. You can see our review from a couple years ago here. Everything is just so easy to understand, the website is easy to navigate, it is just an all around good thing!

If you want to read what others thought of their time with Help Teaching Pro from HelpTeaching.com, feel free to click the banner below! There may be more information mentioned on a different grade level or subject that I didn’t talk about!

Help Teaching Pro



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The whole foster care thing, continued…

foster care

As I write this, our little foster baby has moved on to respite care. Gosh, what an emotional day. She had a dr’s appointment, then a parent visit, and after all that is when we dropped her off.

She will be in two respite houses and then hopefully moved to a family member. I feel bad for all of her transitions and I hope and pray that she does well and ends up in a wonderful place.

It was weird to go back to our typical quiet house. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We were just kind of walking around in a daze the rest of the night and even the next day.

Now that we have had our first placement, we don’t know what to do next. Jeffy is slightly frustrated with the whole system, as are most people. He doesn’t think he wants to do it again. I can totally see his point because it really was kind of a crazy experience.

Granted, this case was especially hard, and not typical, if there is such a thing in foster care. There are definitely things that I would have liked to have been different, but it’s not up to me, lol.

I am glad that we could help out in the life of Princess Buttercup, which is the nickname Jeffy came up with. We are glad that she improved as much as she did in her short little stay. I am glad that we could send her to the first respite house healthy and in good spirits. They seem like a great family with two little kids. I hope the next family does well also, they too have two little kids. She loves kids, even our big ones..

I guess I will keep y’all updated on what we decided to do in the future!

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Princess Cut movie {Review}

A few weeks ago we got a movie to watch that I thought would be great to watch as a family, because one thing we do well is watch movies together.. The movie is called Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures and it seemed relevant since I have all teens that would do good to see it.


Well, plans don’t always work out and between getting a new foster placement, 2/3 of the kids getting super sick as well as myself and the aforementioned foster placement and other life things, I was the only one to be able to watch it so far. On another note, this is a great movie to watch when you are sick in bed!

One thing that I noticed and loved right away was that it was filmed in my general area! I wasn’t positive until the end when I read the credits, but sure enough, a little less than an hour away. We have grown fond of the beauty that North Carolina has and I am fascinated when I see books or movies set here…

Basically, the movie is about a girl, Grace, that is hoping to finally get married to her boyfriend Stewart.. I don’t recall the movie stating how old she was, but she is in school for interior design so I was assuming she was in her 20s. The website says early 20s.

When Stewart suggests that they have a date to discuss something special, she thinks that this is the moment she will be engaged.. As life goes, that wasn’t what happened..

The rest of the movie details her quest to find a husband, but while keeping true to herself as well as God.

The family unit is just a nice family that I could imagine living next to here in NC.. I am pretty sure I know quite a few families just like them.. Grace is the oldest of three, she has two younger brothers. The family lives on a farm and grows soybeans.

I thought the acting went very well with this movie! On a funny note, quite a few of the actors resembled people that I know in real life, and they act like the character in the movie! There was what seemed to be an obligatory fight scene that seemed like it was expected to be there and maybe was a tad cheesy, but it goes with the story.

You could pretty much tell what was going to happen in the movie, but it was still enjoyable to watch it play out. Kind of like a good book. You just keep reading because it is so fun to read it all happen.

While this is a Christian movie, there isn’t anything thrown in your face…so if you were to want to watch this with friends that aren’t Christian for example, I don’t think it would be too out there for them.

I am looking forward to watching it again with the family once life slows down again, hopefully towards the end of the month.

Make sure you check out the website where you can watch the preview! And one of my favorite pages is the Photos & Video page where they show behind the scenes and random photos as well..

If you want to see what others thought of the movie Princess Cut feel free to click the banner below!

Princess Cut movie



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Memoria Press Second Form Latin {Review}

We have used Memoria Press for quite a few things in the past, they are a great company with a great variety of curriculum to choose from! The last thing we used was First Form Latin so I thought it would make sense to do Second Form Latin this go around!


After using the First Form Latin last year, we were curious to see how the Second Form would be. The layout is very similar to what we were used to, so that was nice! Very easy to jump back into it!

You can see all that is included in the Complete Set in the photo, I will go over each item. It is in a way, difficult to explain how each book goes together, but I will attempt it!

Memoria Press Second Form Latin

This is a page from Lesson 9 in the Student Text. I had to laugh when we got to this part, because if you have a child, you know at one point they probably said that something wasn’t their fault. Well, this lesson was talking about mea culpa – my fault.

The Student Text and the Workbook go to the student. They learn the lesson in the Student Text and then work on the pages in the Workbook.

The lessons in the Student Text are pretty short, just two pages, and the book is a smaller one. I like it because kids aren’t overwhelmed with too much information to learn in each lesson.

Each lesson is pretty similar to what you see in the image above. The forms of speech are talked about, some vocabulary, and something interesting about Rome or something related to the Latin language. I actually learned quite a bit myself in those little snippets!

Memoria Press Second Form Latin

This picture shows part of Lesson 9 in the Workbook (right) and the Teacher Key (left). I love that the answers are written the exact same as the Student Workbook! So much easier to grade that way.

So in keeping with Lesson 9 as an example, there are six pages in the Student Workbook for that lesson. Each lesson is generally the same, depending on what is being taught.

This lesson starts out with Word Study and Grammar. There are questions asking what a pronoun is and the Pronoun Agreement Rule. Then you write in vocabulary words and go back and forth between Latin and English. You are supposed to say them out loud as well.

Next in this lesson is Declensions and Form Drills and it is dealing with First Person Possessive Adjectives. There is a chart that you fill in the singular and plural forms and also use the three genders for meus -a -um. Another chart for noster nostra and nostrum in three genders, singular and plural.

There is a drill that involves the nominative case for 12 different word phrases such as ‘my shadow’ or ‘our field’.

Part three are more charts to fill in dealing with Second Person Possessive Adjectives as well as another drill.

Part four is all about translating. Most of these are from Latin to English, but there are a couple English to Latin at the bottom.

Part five is Derivatives which are fill in the blank while Part six is called Enrichment. It is underlining pronoun adjectives, drawing an arrow to the noun it modifies and circling the personal pronouns. We did this in our previous English curriculum quite frequently, so they were used to that.

Each lesson is similar but different. They are broken up in a way so that you aren’t doing the same thing every day, every week, for the whole book. I like that because I know some do have the same thing all the time, and that gets exhausting to me!


What I love about Memoria Press is that everything works together so well. The student text and the workbook aren’t very cumbersome. They could easily be toted around if you were doing this in a group setting. There isn’t a ton of work each day, it is quite manageable, at around 25-45 minutes.

The Teacher Manual and Teacher Key are both very easy to understand, they are organized very well. There is also a book for the quizzes and tests. It does seem a little overwhelming to have so many books and items, but they do make sense together once you start!

Second Form Latin extras

Also included in the complete set are the instructional DVDs, a pronunciation CD and a lot of flash cards! The DVDs have three disks and include about 9 hours of instruction that use about 15-20 minutes a lesson. The DVDs have helped us tremendously in the past and they have this time as well!

The pronunciation CD is definitely helpful if you are having issues with pronouncing some of the words, which definitely happens! The flash cards cover so many different things. That would explain why there are so many! They are good quality too, almost like playing cards, should still be careful with them though..

I will say, if your child is interested in learning Latin, or any language really, don’t stop over a break. We stopped when Ryan graduated and he was the one that thought it would be good to continue with the second form and he realized that he forgot more than he thought he did. Even if you just do the flash cards over a break, that’s better than nothing!

I am always impressed with everything we use from Memoria Press … They always put so much thought into their products and make it easy for people to use their products.

If you are interested in hearing what others thought of Second Form Latin feel free to click the banner below! I am looking forward to hearing what others thought of Music Appreciation I because that is something that we haven’t done a lot of. We have dappled in it, but everything we have done has had you search for music online or buy/rent the music to listen to. This comes with the CDs. It might be something we try next!

Memoria Press Second Form Latin



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Creation Illustrated Unit Studies {Review}

One of our favorite things do in our homeschool are unit studies. They just make it so easy, but really, you seem to learn so much more at the same time! Creation Illustrated  is a magazine that we have had a subscription to in the past, and they have come out with unit studies now!


The one that we chose to work on was on Pine Trees. Coming from the Phoenix area, there just aren’t a ton of pine trees around. There are certain varieties, but just not a general thing you see as you drive around.

A few years ago we did a quick study on pine trees, but it wasn’t a unit study by any means, and we didn’t really learn a whole bunch. This one is taught from a creationist viewpoint and is geared towards grades 5-8 but are good for all ages. What I love about unit studies is that you can always add on to them. Even though my kids are older, we could go into more detail and do deeper studies.


These unit studies are matched with an article in the magazine, so you can use the article with your study! This Pine Trees study is from the Fall ’17 Digital Edition.

With 16 pages included in this unit study, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of info, but there is! Especially with the magazine article! While I am one to normally prefer printed magazines, this online edition is done quite nicely! It looks like a magazine and you can ‘turn’ the pages and everything. The images are clear and it is easy to read. Definite pluses!

There are so many pages in each magazine, all full of info. I wish our subscription didn’t run out!. But really, the online ones are so nice as it is easier to have the information right there on the computer as you are doing schoolwork at the same time!

Creation Illustrated unit studies

There are plenty of printable worksheets in this study. Here are a few that we did. We will always, ALWAYS, do the art part of any unit study… So of course we were looking forward to that one. While the worksheet asked to draw your favorite pine tree, we kind of focused on what we knew from living in Arizona. Soon, we will be looking more into pine trees that are in our general area here in NC, as they are different from the other side of NC!

It was interesting to do the geography section, as I guess we didn’t realize how widespread pine trees are across the world! The Bible Study on pine trees was tricky for us! I think it was because of the version of Bible that we used. We ended up looking at the answer key that came at the end of the study.

At the beginning of the study there are some sites to go to for more reading, and those were definitely helpful. There are also some YouTube videos that you can watch as well, and those seemed to be easier for us as a group…

We had to laugh as there was a section on Fibonacci in this unit study and we had just learned more about that a few weeks ago. That was an easy question for them now! ha!

Creation Unit Study Snow

We also started looking at the next unit study on Snow! We are excited to get further into this one. I love that both Pine Trees and Snow are things not generally found in the Phoenix area, but we have seen both plenty since we have moved to NC. The Snow Unit Study is found in the Winter ’18 Digital Edition which makes sense! Of course with the weather we have been having, it could have been Spring, am I right??

The Snow unit study is set up like the Pine Tree one; Vocabulary, Bible study, etc.. There are a couple of different things as well. This one is 17 pages. This one seems to have more activities, which is always fun. Everyone likes making the crystals on pipe cleaners! It’s just something you have to do, especially if you homeschool! lol

CI Sum15 Cover Pages

I am looking forward to the Spring issue.. This study is on butterflies! You can check back on their unit studies page to be see when it is up there!

We had a great time with these unit studies, and I think they would be a great addition to a homeschool, or just fun to do as a family for extra learning! If your kids are older like mine, there are so many things that you can do in addition to these! That’s what I love about unit studies!! Feel free to click the banner below to see what others had to say about either the Pine Trees or Snow Unit Study!

Creation Illustrated Unit Studies




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