Project 365 {Day 28}

This day we all went to the zoo.  I love our Fridays that we get to do stuff as a family.  🙂  We got there later than we normally do but I knew they had a bunch of new exhibits that we hadn’t seen yet and I wanted to get them in!  We happened across the koalas..  In reading the sign we realized that they sleep 22 hours a day!  They get such little calorie intake from the eucalyptus plants that if they were awake any more it just wouldn’t work!   I read another sign that said they would be getting weighed at 1:30 which was just in ten minutes, so we hung around.  It was a long ten minutes watching these guys sleep, as cute as they were..  But finally, they came to weigh the koalas.  First the girl was weighed..and that is where everyone was.  Our little family was hanging out with her brother.  He sat through everything, getting weighed, nails trimmed, all of those things.  She put him back in the tree and he climbed right up and stopped.  We didn’t stay long enough to see if he was going back to sleep or maybe grabbing a bite to eat, but we sure enjoyed watching him.  🙂

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