Project 365 {Day 29}

I love the weekends.  The kids have friends and they are usually all over here, or riding around the desert or some such boy thing.  Until their tires go flat and then they…..well…they come back here.  😀  We are slowly investing in the ‘good’ tubes for their tires, so hopefully we won’t have to worry about that anymore!

Today we had gone to do some errands, one of which was to stop at the pet store.  Jeffy had to buy Lucy a new toy.  She was so dang excited about this toy, I guess it has been a while since she has gotten a new one.  So, while all of the boys were playing their version of soccer in the backyard, Lucy was waiting her turn to be played with. 

(Yes, I am fully aware she needs to be groomed, can’t even see her eyes, lol.)

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One Response to Project 365 {Day 29}

  1. Charles Hale says:

    Man does that look like one proud and happy dog, I am kinda jealous! I mean I can’t remember the last time someone bought me a new toy. 🙁 Although she appears to be looking for someone to come over and try to take it from her! Great picture Jen.

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