Project 365 {Day 41}

This day started out as just a normal day.  We did our two mile walk and exercise and I hopped in the shower while the kids did their worksheets.  Came down and told them all to change clothes and that we were going bowling!  Ryan cheered, Kyle groaned and Lauren asked if she liked bowling.   There is a homeschooling group here that does a lot of get togethers and field trip type things and they put this bowling trip on.  We show up and Ryan was anxious to get in and get started, Kyle was not looking forward to starting and Lauren didn’t know if she wanted to get started or not.   We chat with new friends and get the right size shoes and balls and get started.  Ryan goes first, a little nervous, but does ok!  Kyle goes next and on his turn he knocked them all down but one!  Lauren didn’t think she could even throw the six pound ball that we gave her so they brought in a contraption that would allow her to just set the ball on top and push it down.   She did pretty well too!  Half way through the game, Ryan was throwing the ball like anyone else that was bowling, Kyle was almost embarrassed because he was winning and Lauren was cheering for herself.  I loved seeing them all happy…  We had a great time the rest of the day and night as well, I let them stay up later than normal since we got home late and Jeffy was teaching…

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