Project 365 {Day 45}

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  I don’t typically by into the whole Valentine’s Day thing.  I figure, if you love someone, you let them know it year round, not just shoved into one day.  I thought I would have a little fun this year though…  I finished with school stuff, ran to the store, drove all the way to Jeffy’s work and tied a balloon on his car.  I must have JUST missed him because shortly after we were on the main road home he called…ha!    We made his favorite dinner and I made his favorite cake, with a little twist.  I made a heart layer cake, although you can’t really tell it was a heart shaped cake….hahaha.  The little white heart on top helps though.  😉  Jeffy had a couple hour long date with out accountant, so he didn’t get home until late.  It was good news though, so it was worth it.  We will probably go out one of these days and celebrate…

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