Project 365 {Day 117}

I’ve been craving it.  This place that I had never been to before.  People talked about it.  Facebook was full of people checking in there.  I had to try it.  The kids and I had a full day out on the other side of town and we were right there.  We were all hungry.  We all wanted pizza.  Hmmm.  We all went in and I had to order two sides of garlic bread, it was so yummy.  The server said the biggest pizza had eight slices…so thinking like I do, I assumed that the boys and I might each have two slices and Lauren would have one so that would be perfect.  Well, we ended up taking half of a pizza home.  The slices were huge!  We all had a great time and we want to go again to try some of the desserts.  😀

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