Project 365 {Day 121}

Oh the yumminess.  I wanted to take Jeffy to Joe’s Farm Grill for a long time.  We finally made it there and he thought it was worth the drive, worth the waiting in line.  But how can you go there without going to the Coffee Shop next door?  You just can’t!  I was pretty full already but I picked out a dessert that I would be able to share and well…guess what…Jeffy decided he didn’t want any.  I ate the whole thing.  I couldn’t just leave it there.  OH goodness it was so yummy.  And gluten free too.  hahaha…

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One Response to Project 365 {Day 121}

  1. Charles Hale says:

    Man that looks good what kind was it? I had the European Truffle Friday night from Village Inn and let me tell you YUM!! Pretty sure it wasn’t gluten free!

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