Project 365 {Day 189} Defiants Giveaway!

Have you seen Defiants in stores yet?  I have seen them at one of mine!  They are slowly getting into more stores!

Defiants 4x4s have real gears with three speeds for POWER, SPEED and FREEWHEELING action. You control the action – and the power for overcoming the roughest obstacles. Defiants 4x4s automatically shift into freewheeling mode for insane stunt jumps and crazy downhill action. Defiants 4x4s have blazing headlights to light the way.

My kids had some friends over to play with their set and it was crazy fun.  Trucks were everywhere!  You can buy some of the tracks and they all hook together!  We had to separate ones because of all the kids, but you could really make one big one, they have so many tracks available!  Check out the video to see the fun!  And then check below for the giveaway!  These aren’t the same tracks that you might be used to.  Some of them are totally flexible with a ton of bumps to send these cars all over the place.  And check out the video, you can see the trucks going straight up!  Crazy fun!!

I am giving away one Defiants vehicle! Speedin’ Sand is it’s name. Black with green detailing. How fun!  Comment down below on what you think about these!  For an extra entry, go to the Defiants Facebook page and like them and comment below letting me know that you did that.  For one last entry, subscribe to my blog and comment below letting me know that you did that too!  That is three entries you can get!   Have fun!  The last day to enter is July 24th and the winner will be notified by the 25th!

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11 Responses to Project 365 {Day 189} Defiants Giveaway!

  1. Chrissy Glunt says:

    Colton would this! He is sooo into trucks right now. i even think Caitlin would be into it. I like the different tracks.

  2. L Yazzie says:

    Oh my! My nephew would love those!!

  3. Jennifer Sinnesz says:

    Nolan would love that!! Thanks for a chance!

  4. Jennifer Sinness says:

    I “liked” their fb page 🙂

  5. Jennifer Sinness says:

    I subscribed!

  6. l yazzie says:

    I “liked” their facebook page

  7. Keri Bethard says:

    Cool. Looks like the Stompers of my day.

  8. Briana Hernandez says:

    THose look FUN!! My 3 year old LOVES trucks, so that’d definitely make her day!

  9. Cyndi P says:

    My nephew would love these

  10. Cyndi P says:

    liked on facebook

  11. Played the video w/son in the room & he is definitely interested… I’ll have to look for them the next time I’m @ Target.
    I think all of us (Mommy, Daddy & Dante) would love playing with this.
    And I like that it offers differing tracks!
    How many/what type of batteries does it run on?
    (crossing my finger for rechargables)

    PS ~ I liked ’em of fb & subscribed via Live Bookmarks 🙂

    Cool blogs… thanks for the opportunity to maybe win one of these cool 4x4s!

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