Here goes nothin’…

This morning we all woke up early..some earlier than others, the curses of having to straighten hair..  We had to take Jeffy to the airport and on the way pick up his dad.  They will be gone for the week.  It is the longest we have been apart! (awwwwww..hehe)

Thanks to some great friends, we will have a pretty full week!  I think we will have a great time and it will at least take our minds off of the fact that he isn’t here, at least for a little while. Nights are going to be the weird thing.  Our new king bed will feel so huge!  I will have to watch tv by myself and figure out the remote that I have never used.

I think it is great that he will be able to spend the week with his dad, although it won’t be too much fun getting poked and prodded…at least they get to do it together!  😀

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