Why girls hate each other…

Every night, after Jeffy and I have watched our tv show(s), I am wide awake.  I need more time to calm myself down to get ready for sleepy time.  I check email, facebook, my tiny tower peeps, pinterest…and eventually I check out youtube.  Not sure why, as that sometimes keeps me awake even longer.  Although I have been getting to bed earlier since Ray William Johnson has not been on this month..  😉  Anyway, a while back, I happened across a channel by Jenna Marbles.  So so funny.  She swears…a  lot…and those that know me probably wonder why I watch her. She has a lot of silly videos, but every now and again she has one that just makes sense.  Like this one. (beware of language)

Why girls hate each other

It is SO true!  I see it all the time!  Girls compare themselves way too much.  Everything is a competition.  I want to be skinnier than her, I want my kids to be better than hers, I want my life to be better than hers…oh goodness, it goes on and on!   I realized years ago that comparing/competing against other girls is just plain stupid.  I am so thankful that I am married to a man that appreciates me for who I am.  I don’t think he would have it any other way!  He likes that I am not like other girls.  Sometimes I give him the o_O look about that, but he is telling the truth!  I am me!  I enjoy that I am me.  I love that there is nobody else LIKE me.  Too many girls never realize their full potential in themselves and go their whole lives comparing themselves to others.  Ack.  I wouldn’t want that at all!

I think that what JennaMarbles said is right on.  If we could all just stop…we could all be friends.  Try it!!  😉

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