Yay! Jeffy is home!

We made it through the week!!  It was all pretty uneventful.  We didn’t do much school, one of the reasons being the internet was off not letting me print anything.  But we did all sorts of other things.  We played our new board game a couple nights, went to friends a couple days, painted pottery, went to the zoo…it was just a great week.  I love hanging out with my kids.  It is so much easier with homeschooling.  We don’t feel so rushed anymore, our weeks are oh so casual.  Sure, sometimes we have a ton of stuff to do, but that just changes it up a bit!  This week we all stayed up later than normal every night too, which was fun.  The kids laughed and laughed.

Towards the end of the week though, I did notice that they were more than ready to have their daddy back.  I think they enjoyed picking him up from the airport.  We went out to eat with my mom and made it just in time for him to land.  If his plane was on time.  It was only about 13 minutes late, so that isn’t too bad.  Lauren entertained herself by doing cartwheels and putting her face in front of the fan so her hair went all wonky.  The boys were entertaining themselves with the sleeping police officer.  I think the sign that said to not approach him, was because he was trying to sleep.  While standing.  Way to go officer. Good job thinking ahead!  😉

Jeffy brought all kinds of goodies back for everyone, including me, which I wasn’t expecting!  🙂  He gave them their surprises when we got to the van.  It was a good ride home.  I love having him back…

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