Book review: It Looked Different on the Model

Apparently I am a late comer to books by Laurie Notaro.  She has written quite a few!

This book was a little different than what I have been reading lately.  It is basically a bunch of short stories that are all about her life.  Some of them are so stinking funny…some are  Which, when you think about it, that’s what our lives are like too!

The very first story had me giggling…as she is stuck in a dressing room having grabbed the wrong size shirt to try on.  She was stuck because she could not get the shirt off.  She described her struggles in such a way to make you feel like you were experiencing the scenario yourself.  It just goes from there, talking about her struggles, her successes and everything in between.

I typically get to read books mostly when I eat a meal, so something like this is perfect as the stories aren’t too long and I don’t feel bad having to put the book down.  But I imagine it would be a good read for the beach, etc as well!

Reading this book made me want to look for more of her books, which I think I might do on my next trip to the library…

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