Downy Unstopables vs Purex Crystals

I have been using Downy Unstopables for quite some time now.  I think they are a great thing to add to laundry, especially loads of towels!  They keep everything smelling great without having to add fabric softener which isn’t always a good idea with towels..  They are little beads that you add to your washing machine before you put the load of laundry in.  One day I was shopping for some and the store was out!  I couldn’t believe it!  I then noticed a bottle of Purex Crystals.  It looked to be a similar idea, from reading the bottle, so I decided to try it out.

There are a few things I noticed right away.  When you open the Downy bottle, you can immediately smell whichever scent is in there.  With the Purex, it wasn’t very strong at all.  Downy has beads while Purex has smaller crystal looking things.  I did my laundry like I normally do and was disappointed to find that I couldn’t really smell the results in my laundry like I could with the Downy!

With the Downy, you can add just a small amount and it will still give your laundry a pleasant scent.  Even adding a full scoop didn’t change the scent of my laundry.

The Downy is more expensive, but in the end, I think it is definitely worth getting!  You can use less and it lasts longer.

Just thought I would let you all know my experiences with these two things..

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3 Responses to Downy Unstopables vs Purex Crystals

  1. Miranda says:

    I agree downy is ay better. Just got crystals to try them and no smell really vs, downy amazing smell and lasts a long time. Since it is so expensive i only use on my kids coats and bedding for thehouse. I do definately love it and am willing to pay extra.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, I am glad I am not the only one that thinks this. 😀 I love it on sheets and blankets. I do put in just a little bit with our clothes just because though. Towels especially since fabric softener doesn’t do well with towels..

  2. Paula says:

    I have never used these but I might try them now!

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