ABC’s of me..
I had all sorts of posts typed up and never published them.  Duh!!  Not sure why that happened…  So I am starting over again, from here:
Age- 38

B- Best Feature: I like my eyes…one thing I consistently get comments on…

C- Could do without: Cat vomit.  Ugh.

D- Drink of choice: Ice water…with strawberry or cucumber if you’re fancy.

E- Essential items: Chapstick, internet, chocolate.  😉

F- Favorite flower: Iceland poppy.  So happy.

G- Good at: Going with the flow.

H- Have never tried: Skiing.

I- If I had a million dollars: Travel.  And more travel.

J- Junkie for: Brownies.  You would think cupcakes, but no…it’s brownies.

K- Kind of car you’d like parked in your driveway: Some sort of something that would fit us all comfortably and have a much better turning radius than my Nissan.

L- Little known fact: I skipped Kindergarten.  😛

M- Most memorable moment: Meeting Jeffy.  😀

N- Nickname: Jen mostly.  Jeffy has a few that he calls me that make no sense to anyone else.

O- Occasional indulgence: Very occasional now….a pedicure.  Used to be often, but those times are no longer.

P- Phobias and Fears: Don’t care for most rides at amusement parks.  Ack.

Q- Quote: Stuff your eyes with wonder . . . live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

– Ray Bradbury, “Fahrenheit 451”

R- Reason to smile or laugh out loud: Oh, I tend to lol at a lot of odd things.  It doesn’t take much.

S- Sorry about: Getting frustrated at the kids.

T- Tastes: comfortable, simple, easy.

U- Uninterested: Sports, keeping up with the Joneses

V- Vegetable I hate: lima beans!
W- Worst habit: Procrastinate a tad too much…

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot: Would love to see Ireland.  Just because it is so different from where we live…all that green!!

Y- Your favorite childhood toy: I remember collecting hot wheels.  Loved ’em!  Had the carrying case and everything!

Z- Zoo animal: Orangutans!

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