March?!?  It’s been since March since I updated the blog?  Pft..

Well, one of those reasons is because I accidentally updated my business blog about us leaving instead of this one.  I love writing on my business blog that “I think I have one person reading”…  Yep..

My intentions were to update the blog every day when we were moving..

The thing is….life happens.

I was sick the week before we moved…(Jeffy moved the day up a few days)..and I was sick for almost a week during the move.  Jeffy packed up sooo much of the house while I sat and worked on a friends wedding pics and my cousins prom pictues… (I suck, I still haven’t been able to get either to those people, ugh).  It was my job to pack up the rv.  Everyone kept bringing out laundry baskets and filling up the rv with them.  OMG..I walked out there to start my ‘job’ and just stood there with my mouth open for a while.  I somehow got the energy to start somewhere and was just about to have a slight breakdown when The Best Friend Ever came over.  😀  I wish I had more time to talk with her and say goodbye and all that stuff that girls do…but we were leaving that night…as in..a few hours.  I managed to find a spot for every.single.thing that everyone threw at me.  Ok, they didn’t throw stuff at me…but they probably wanted to.

So…getting on to why I haven’t updated the blog.  I was sick when we left.  I just didn’t feel well.  Wanted to sleep.  Right now I am kicking myself.  If I could go back in time, I would slap myself upside the head and tell myself to grow up.  Sheesh.  If I had known then all of the things that were going to happen.  😉

I also was upset that I didn’t have photoshop on Jeffy’s laptop.  How pathetic. lol.  But I wanted nice images for the blog.  Yeah, whatever…

Anyway, we are here in NC now.  Totally different from the desert, as you could have guessed.

I don’t have any pics to add to this blog post now since my computer can’t upload.  Isn’t that great?  I can’t upload pics via email…or to my PHOTO LAB!  Grr.  Need to figure something out about that sometime…it feels weird having a ‘holiday season’ without doing pics for people..

I WILL be updating the blog more often now.  I know I do have at least ONE reader…eh?

Just wait until I post the recipe for pumpkin pie dip.  Yeah…the one I was supposed to post last year.  😛

Hello?   😉

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