The night we moved..

I was sick.  I had been sick for a while and Jeffy had done most of the work.  He was the one that moved the moving date up too..  Hmm.  I was in the RV and my job was to find a spot for everything that everyone was bringing out.  It was laundry basket after laundry basket, full of stuff.  Food, clothes, random supplies.  It was coming faster than I could even imagine.  I think I must have been on some sort of medicine too, wouldn’t surprise me.

As I sit there contemplating my problems, my great (great, great, great) friend Jen came over.  It was so crummy saying goodbye!  We didn’t get much time either, she had a thing to get to and only had a few minutes…and I didn’t want her to get whatever sickness I had.  I am kicking myself STILL that I didn’t get a picture of us together.  We don’t have a single one!  She mentioned Photoshop and I think that is a great idea!  Until we see each other again!  Girls weekend somewhere in the middle of there and here!   Hehehe.

After she left, I really got going.  I knew Jeffy wanted to leave that day some time.  I managed to find a spot for everything and you know what?  I even had some room left over.  I was so surprised!  Our RV was only 28ft!  That would be our family of five, three cats and two dogs.  Somehow, it all worked.

Lauren was playing outside with all of her friends.  Funny, when we first moved into that house it was all boys in the neighborhood.  Now, it was all girls.  Lauren is the social one and she was making sure her last day with her friends was a good one…chasing butterflies, getting in arguments…you know, the usual.

The boys were on basket patrol.  And they were out talking to some of the other neighbors that came to see us off.  It was like a party!  We lived on a great street..

The hours passed and I didn’t think we were going to be able to leave but eventually the water tank was full, the fridge was cold, everything was packed.  Right at the last minute someone came to pick up the three sulcata tortoises.  We will miss those guys…well, two guys and a girl (we think).

We finally left around 9pm or so…a little late, but still we left..



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One Response to The night we moved..

  1. David G says:

    Well . . . at least that part is over and you’re settled in. More new adventures for you!

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