June 8th and 9th..

We stayed the night at the Flagstaff KOA.  It was a nice one!  It was great being in the pines up north.  The scent will never compare to any other.  I love the smell of the pines there.  We ended up getting there maybe around 1am.  :yawn:  I think we all pretty much crashed and slept in until 9 or so.  The next day we stopped in Winslow…come on, I know you know about Winslow!

And when you are in Winslow, what do you HAVE to do??  Yup..  (love the reflection of the truck)

We ended up going to Holbrook, AZ, which has a population of around 5,000 people.  And we found the KOA.  And we proceeded to groan.  It was in the middle of a dirt field.  The comparison to the one in Flagstaff was in everyone’s minds. It did have a lot of petrified wood around, so that was a pretty cool thing to see.  I got a lot of pics on my iphone, but I don’t have those on my computer.

The only thing close was a fast food place so we all walked there and got some food.  We don’t usually go to fast food so it was a little awkward.  I got a salad with grilled chicken and it was pretty good..  We walked back and pretty much just counted down until it was bedtime again.  The next morning we figured we would drive to somewhere in New Mexico…it was a lot of driving…

And a lot of sleeping…

Turns out nobody really wanted to spend the night in New Mexico so we just kept on driving…..and driving….and driving…

It was…enchanting..New Mexico…promise..

It was sometime in New Mexico that our coffee pot setup came crashing down…glass everywhere…

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  1. Kelly says:

    YEA! So glad to see you blogging again!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure! 😀

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