The five people you spend the most time with..

I have been seeing various versions of this floating around on Pinterest and other places…

This actually comes from Jim Rohn and is correctly stated that “You become like the AVERAGE of the five people you spend the most time with”.

I can see how this would be true!  You surround yourself with a bunch of unhappy people that are negative all the time,  and I would imagine that it would be hard to stay happy!   Likewise, surround yourself with happy people and chances are it will be easier for you to be happy. I have noticed this pattern in friends that I have had too!

In the last five months, I really haven’t been around anyone else but family for any length of time.  Have I changed?  I am sure I have!  And in thinking about it…I am happy about it!  Let’s take a closer look…

Jeffy is the most determined person I know.  If he wants something, he will work like crazy to get it.  He is somewhat impulsive…ok…more than somewhat.  😉  He loves a good meal, the outdoors and his family.  I swear he has a sort of attention deficit disorder…for numerous reasons.  He has sensory issues that contribute a lot to his personality. He has a love for life and wants to experience as much as he can.

Ryan is very curious.  Likes to have everything in order as well as things going the way they should.  He has a great sense of humor and still can talk about the everyday life things.  He loves to know how things work, how to make things and why things the way they are.  He can get quite frustrated if things happen in a way that doesn’t line up with his way of thinking. Sometimes difficult.

Kyle is so loving.  He is a sort of perfectionist.  Loves to hear that he did a great job on something.  He always says when he loves someone and usually that comes with a hug.  He is quiet but very friendly once he gets to know someone.  He will try most new things without a problem.  He likes rollercoasters and other crazy, insane rides.  He gets upset easily if someone isn’t doing things fair or hurts his feelings.

Lauren is the little girl that up to a few years ago said that, when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, answered with ‘butterfly’.   She loves animals and exploring outdoors.  She loves drawing and making up songs.  She is very creative.  She also must have some sort of attention disorder…She will forget something the moment you tell it to her. She loves laughing. She is not organized AT ALL.

So there are four people that I am around the most.  What about the fifth?  Would that be the same person that I keep seeing at the gas station down the way?  The random person at the homeschool group?  Would it be myself?  Could I be the fifth person?

Either way, I am feeling pretty good about who I am surrounding myself with.  The average of those four people are greater than the best of a lot of other people.  I am proud to be around them and I thank them for making me into a better person.

I love my family…


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One Response to The five people you spend the most time with..

  1. Paula says:

    Your family is very lucky. I love that your little girl wants to be a butterfly when she grows up. I would like that myself!

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