Texas and Route 66!

We had made it to Texas!  It was still June 9th. And we had just driven straight through from AZ.  We saw a lot of this:

Yeah, love taking pics through windows…ew.   We were tired of driving…and it was hot.  Middle of summer and guess what?  Our generator died. Sure we had the front AC…but again, it was the middle of summer and that just couldn’t cool down that big RV.  Throughout our trip, we saw Jeffy up here a lot…

Where we were pulled over just happened to be the old route 66.  We meet up again!  We started walking down the street and came to some weird old abandoned gas station/hotel area.  There were some old cars too.  And then we heard some random noises and it just felt weird since it was getting dark so we walked back to the rv area… It was a pretty sunset though!

More TX next time!

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