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When I lived in Arizona I pretty much shopped at one grocery store, mostly because it was the most convenient, we weren’t exactly in the middle of a large city, we were on the very outskirts of town.  I had tried their store brand of things and was impressed!  So, when I was asked by BzzAgent to try the Private Selection brand carried at Kroger stores, I didn’t hesitate at all!

We got a box that had crackers and coffee, as well as a bunch of coupons to try some things of our choosing at the store.  We don’t drink coffee here, so I haven’t tried that, but am thinking of keeping it here for when my mom visits.. The crackers were water crackers, I immediately thought of having some with cheese! Yum!

At the store I picked out some marinara sauce, some garlic and herb sliced cheese, some blue cheese stuffed olives and some Greek yogurt.  I have not tried the olives yet as we haven’t had the occasion to..but I made a few things with the cheese and marinara sauce!

First up is this sandwich.  It is just some honey wheat bread with some leftover rotisserie chicken, lettuce and tomatoes as well as the Private Selection Garlic & Herb sliced cheese.  I put it in the toaster oven to make it a little more crispy and to melt the cheese.  This was so tasty!  The cheese didn’t over pour at all!  It all went together so nicely!

Sandwich made with Private Selection brand Garlic and Herb cheese

Next I decided to try some of the marinara sauce.  I just went for the plain marinara as I wasn’t sure if I was going to make something with the kids or not.  This time I didn’t, but I won’t have a problem making them something with it in the future!  It was so full of taste and wasn’t runny or anything!  I would definitely buy this again.

For this meal I had some spinach and cheese tortellini that I wanted to try so why not!  I am all for trying new things together!  It turned out great!  Like I said, the sauce wasn’t runny at all, so I got a lot of sauce with each tortellini.

Private Selection Marinara sauce meal

Keep in mind I am not a food photographer by any means, but thought it would be the best way to show examples of what I did with some of the samples!  I also tried the Greek yogurt, which was tasty too, but Greek yogurt is one of my favorite things to eat anyway.  Didn’t think you needed a picture of that.  😀

Disclosure:  Many thanks to BzzAgent for the opportunity to participate in this awesome campaign.  I received coupons and product samples and invite you to visit to sign up to become a BzzAgent.

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