Cadillac Ranch

Driving through Texas, I was on the lookout for things along I-40 that would break up the monotony of our trip.  I had always wanted to go to Cadillac Ranch and it was *right there!  Yay!!

Cadillac Ranch was created in 1974 and was originally in a wheat field, but in 1997 it was moved to the current location in a cow pasture to be further away from city growth.  It consists of 10 Cadillacs of various years buried nose-first half way in the ground.  People visit probably every day with cans of spray paint and contribute to the colorful cars.  We weren’t prepared at all when we went, but someone that was staying at the same KOA camp as us had some leftover spray paint and gave it to us.  How nice!

Cadillac Ranch Painting Jeffy

Cadillac Ranch Ryan

Cadillac Ranch Ryan painting

Cadillac Ranch Jennifer

Cadillac Ranch State of Texas Sign

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