From Texas to Oklahoma!

We finally made it from Texas to Oklahoma!

Our poor Kitty.  She just wasn’t herself.  She wasn’t herself before we left Arizona either, and she was getting worse.  She loved hanging out on the dash.  We ended up putting a sheet up there so she would have somewhere comfy to lay while we drove.  Even the dogs wouldn’t get up there…brave Kitty.  😀

Kitty in dash of RV

I think at this point we were all just ready to be in North Carolina.  We had seen a lot of desert.  So much desert.  We wanted to see green!  We crossed into Oklahoma and automatically everything turned to farm land.  Nice for a change of scenery!

Oh, while we were still in Texas we saw this cross…apparently it is 19 stories tall and can be seen from 20 miles away.  It was big!  We only saw it while zooming by, but I did get a picture of it!

Tallest cross in Texas

We saw a lot of wind farms too.  Usually we only saw these on the way to California, so it was fun to see them.  We played the game of who could see the furthest one.  Kyle and I lost, of course…

Wind turbine

We found a KOA camp in Oklahoma and decided to stay.  We didn’t realize they had their own lake practically.  They also had a fishing pond.  Something the kids had been waiting to do since we left, they couldn’t wait to fish!  Well, we went fishing!  It was sooo windy though, we didn’t get anything, but it was still a pretty place to stay…and greener than the desert!  😀

IMG_5809 IMG_5810 Oklahoma KOA



While waiting for the wind to hopefully calm down and for Jeffy to get all of the fishing poles ready, we explored.  I found this random arrow in the dirt that lead to another arrow and so on.  We came to one that didn’t have any others around it and it was pointing to an X.  How cliche’, right?  Of course the kids wanted to dig and find the treasure!  And of course we had no shovels…since we were there to fish…so they used sticks.  You can imagine how far they got.  Well, it was fun imagining what was in there…although I had a feeling somebody was just being silly.  😉

Arrow in the sand

Digging for treasure

We realized that it was just too windy to fish at the lake.  We walked to the fishing pond and tried to fish there too.  It was so icky looking, but they said people catch fish in there all the time.  Well, we weren’t those people…and it was still kind of windy there too.  Ah well, it was still fun!  There is more fishing to come!

Family fishing

Fishing pond

Fishing lure


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