My Dream Care Package

So, I get a lot of people asking me what I miss, moving across the country..  Well, of course I miss my family…my friends…that sort of thing.  But being here now for over six months I have noticed a few differences about…the FOOD!

Therefore, these are the contents that would be in my dream care package.

#1.  Those that are familiar know that we have a lot of sensory issues here.  Lauren’s are mostly with food.  I will go into all of that in another blog post.  One of the meals that she would eat stopped cold turkey once we left.  Wait, I lie, because I bought a couple bottles of this stuff and packed them.  So, that meal died shortly after moving in to the house.  Four out of five of us loved going to Samurai Sam’s for a quick meal. Chicken, rice, teriyaki sauce.  Oh, let me tell you, I have never found anything quite like their sauce. The recipe seems highly guarded too, try to google that! Ha!  So the first item would be some of their sauce.  🙂


#2. I love to bake.  Love it.  I could bake every day!  But then I would have to eat it.  😛  But it’s just not the same since we moved!  Why, you ask?  The sugar!!  I miss my C&H Baker’s sugar!!  It is so fine and is just seems to make things taste better.  Well, it could be because it is sugar, but still…it just makes things taste better.  Take my word for it…


#3. A whole grocery store.  Yes, I realize that can’t be included in a care package, but I so love this store..  Sprout’s.  Do you have one where you live?  Ahh.  Just the deals on their chicken alone!  😉  The bread!  Just such a great store and I wish they would build one here.  I just don’t like Whole Foods.  At least we have a Trader Joe’s…


#4. Well, if I am including a store, I will include a restaurant.  Carolina’s. Of course.  Their shredded beef taco is AMAZING!  I am a rare one, I don’t even care for Mexican food all that much, but this taco….ack, I dream about it!  Plus, I think they are in part responsible for us moving here!  Remind me to tell that story some time…one to never forget!

Carolina's logo

#5. Pizookie.  Pizookies were everywhere in the Phoenix area.  It is a chocolate chip cookie cooked in a round pan, pulled out before it is all the way done…so that means a little crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside…and then plop some vanilla ice cream on top.  Yum!!  We found these at a few places, but they were the best at Oregano’s and BJ’s.

Ok, I think that is enough stuff to go into my dream care package.  ha!  But to be fair, we have found quite a bit here that we enjoy too.  😉  I can’t wait to add to that list!!




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5 Responses to My Dream Care Package

  1. Carol says:

    awww Sprouts – I was just thinking today how much miss that store… So much better than Whole Foods. Awwwww Pizookies too! You can make your own – huuuuge pizza sized ones if you’re feeling hungry :). Fun cute list – wish I could send you some of the things on it xoxo

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh Em Gee! I SOOOO miss Samurai Sam’s! I think there is one in a mall over by my FIL, but that is 50 miles from us. UGH! You should try Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki. I think it is one of the best bottled Teriyaki that I have found.

    I also miss REAL Mexican food. When I tell people here that, they look at me like I am crazy and say “We have Mexican Food here”. Ummm… No you don’t… you have Tex Mex… even the so called Mexican Restaurants here are even Tex Mex. *sigh*

    • Jennifer says:

      There is a Samurai Sam’s in Virginia. I keep saying we should make the journey one day, it is 2.5 hours away, lol. I would totally drive 50 miles. 😉 I will check out the one you mentioned!! And yeah, finding Mexican food here? HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

  3. mommy says:

    I will be bringing you some, chill!

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