North Carolina!

We spent good part of the day in the mountains between TN and NC, found a yummy BBQ spot and had a fun time in Gatlinburg.  If we didn’t have the animals in the RV with us we could have easily spent a much longer time there.  That will definitely be a spot we will want to return to!  But we finally made it to North Carolina!  It was so exciting for us all!  This was the view through the mountains…

NC Mountains

We got to our campground kind of late, so we walked around a little bit and just hung out..


Four of us went for a walk with the dogs and saw our very first fireflies!!  Yay!  We were all so excited!  We had never seen them before!


The next day was pretty relaxing!  We kept going back and forth on leaving that day or staying at this great KOA camp for another day.  We all decided there was no hurry to get to Durham, so we decided to stay another day.  That means this day was all about doing fun stuff and relaxing outside…

trees at the lake


Caught a fish


Our last day, we did some more fishing, made a couple s’mores and went exploring!

fishing with a friend



Jeffy does not have a sword…he is using his machete that he got for Christmas.  😀


And they found some blackberries!

Fresh blackberries

After having such a great time at this campground, we just weren’t ready to go to the Durham area yet…so we went for a couple days to Jordan Lake.  Then we were off to our RV park that was…..quite the interesting time.  80+ days in an RV with five people and five pets.  The experience was crazy, fun, frustrating, amazing and just plain interesting.  I am glad we did it…but am so glad that we are going to sell the RV.  😉

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