Thursday Things

Today kind of crept up on me!  We are a day off with school, treating today like a Wednesday, so I get it in my head that it is Wednesday, not Thursday.  Did that make sense to anyone else besides me?  😛

So, this weeks Thursday Things…let’s see…

First thing is obviously the snow!!!  Snowed all night last week and we woke up to quite a bit of snow!  Well, for us desert dwellers it was quite a bit.  😉  We are supposed to get more snow Friday afternoon, but not a lot, maybe an inch.  We will see!  This is the view from our back yard last weekend.  That’s the fence that Jeffy made out of trees on the property.  Not too bad, eh?  I will have to write about that ladder too….someday, lol.

North Carolina Snow

The second thing  are Nestle Dark Chocolate morsels.  Not chips.  A little bigger than chips.  Morsels.  Yeah, because we all know that dark chocolate is superior to any other kind of chocolate, so it can be bigger.  😉  But I can grab a few of these out of the back and just enjoy them around 3 in the afternoon and it is the perfect little dessert.  Reminds me…I am almost out…

Nestle Dark Chocolate Morsels

The third thing is our mattress pad heater thing.  OMG.  It has gotten down to 16 with a wind chill of who knows what here.  For some reason our upstairs does not get the heating that the downstairs does, so it is COLD!!!  Dang cold.  My mom sent me this mattress pad heater for our bed and it is the best!  We turn it on about an hour before we go up to bed and it is so nice and toasty!!  We have some flannel sheets too!  The combination is so lovely..  🙂  It used to feel like getting into a cold sleeping back while camping, you know how that feels??  Yeah, not fun!  This is such an improvement!!!

The fourth thing is this Scentsy scent.  I have Scentsy burners all over the house.  I love the baking goodies ones, but notice I tend to want to snack all day burning them, so I try to burn those in the fall, depending on the scent.  One of my favorites is Baked Apple Pie.  😀  But recently I put in Lemons & Berries in the front room and it smells so yummy!  I could totally see doing this one in the summer, but for some reason it just works right now!  Smells just like strawberry lemonade, one of my favorite drinks besides water!!  I definitely suggest getting this one, if you can get a hold of it some time!  I am just lucky enough to have gotten it at a great Scentsy party I went to… Yay!

Lemons & Berries Scentsy Bar

The last thing is another song…I love music!  This has come up in my playlist a few times this week!  I hadn’t ever watched the video before, how depressing…hahaha!  Not sure why I laughed, but sheesh.  I know we all have days where it seems like nothing is going right, but this takes the cake.  Anyway, what did you like this last week??  😀


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2 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Ginger says:

    So far, we have only had a dusting or 2 of snow. With February almost upon us, the thought of getting anymore than that is almost nil. But, who knows. Your blog is neat, and I am glad I decided to stop and take a look. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks for coming to visit! We are supposed to get flurries tomorrow night, but who knows. Today is in the low 70’s. The weather has been so random lately, lol.

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