This Photographer Thing

Let’s try something…

Everyone stand up.  Come on, just humor me.

Standing yet?

Ok…if you are a professional photographer, sit down.

If you are someone that takes pictures and gives a disk for $50 or some such amount, sit down.

If your answer is ‘Photographer’ when you tell people what you do…sit down.

If you are related to a photographer, sit down.

If your neighbor is a photographer, sit down.

If someone that goes to your church is a photographer, sit down.

Is there anyone left standing?

At this point, I seriously doubt it!

I first started my business ten years ago.  2003 was a completely different time for us photographers.  Sure, we still had to find our way and deal with a few silly things…but now?

We have ‘photographers’ that give everything away on Groupon for $39.
We have ‘photographers’ that copy pictures from legit photographers and put them on their own websites claiming them as their own.
We have ‘photographers’ that show no respect. They graffiti walls, they bring heavy furniture onto private property, they are rude to the owners of the land that they are using for profit!

It is embarrassing, this photographer thing!

After moving across the country, I am wondering if I should even bother to start my business up here.  I have to decide if I want to be lumped in with the general ‘photographer’ group.

So many people think that it is ‘easy money’ and hey, they got a brand new DSLR for Christmas, so lets start a ‘business’.  But these same people don’t understand what all it takes to operate an actual business.  Do they ever pay taxes?  Who knows.

It is just so frustrating that something that was such a passion of mine has turned into this.

Maybe further on down the line the professional photographers will have their day again.  But for now, I think I am going to hang out for a while and be a picture taker.  :sigh:

Lauren on rope swing


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11 Responses to This Photographer Thing

  1. Kellie says:

    I completely understand what you are saying. While I don’t do as much business, I still do not just take a few pics and give them the cd. I do what the Lord brings to me, basically. However, it IS SO annoying seeing these people all of a sudden become “photographers” when they have no clue. Having a dslr does not make a photographer. Lol…. There is so much I am still learning and that is why I don’t say much…. Hope I have made sense. Just know I respect you greatly and miss your pictures.

  2. Kim says:

    I think people know talent when they see it and if they have the funds, they are willing to pay for it. My sil started a photography business. Not sure on the taxes, but she is always running specials, doing dances for the schools and stuff and she is awful lol. Your pictures and her pictures are night and day different. Yours look professional, worth the money. She looks like she is using a point and shoot ( she has a nice camera, but isn’t good at using it) Bad shadows, you can see the light of the flash, her poses are awkward. She asks for us to bring people to her, but I just can’t do it. I take my kids pics on my own because it’s affordable to me. If you lived by me, I would definitely share your stuff with others 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks Kim! 🙂 I know it is a luxury and everyone is always looking out for the best deal, but it just hurts the whole industry when people give it away. Argh… You have been taking some nice pics of your kids, I try to always comment when I see them!! 🙂

      • Kim says:

        I would love to have pro pictures of my kids done, but 6 kids would just cost too much 🙂 I take them myself only because I have to. lol

  3. MrsFun says:

    My number one frustration. I started my business in 2005, closed it in 2011. Now living in another state I have been asked if I do weddings and such but I’m not ready. Too many people expect everything for nothing.

  4. Paula says:

    Without a doubt there is a lot of ‘photographers’ out there. I love your pictures. The one above of the little girl on the swing is out of this world

    • Jennifer says:

      Aww, thanks! That’s my daughter shortly after we moved here! I saved the picture differently and it made it look a little blurry on here…ah well..people get the general idea. 🙂

  5. Cristy S says:

    I hear you sister!!! I went to school for photography, but most people don’t want to pay my rates, because “so-and-so’s cousin takes pictures and gives me the disc for $50”. Well then, go get so-and-so to take your pictures and when you are not happy with them, come see me. I rarely take pictures for money, because my heart is really in artistic, food and architecture. But, I do pay taxes and have a legitimate business account. I also have a really good friend who is exactly as you described. She really makes me mad, because she has muddied the market. I could go on and write for days on this subject. Another pet peeve – “Wow, your camera takes really good pictures, what kind is it?” Um – no, I take really good pictures whether it be with my nice DSLR, my inexpensive DSLR, my point and shoot, or my iphone. The camera only does what I tell it to.

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