Thursday Things

So, another week has gone! Time for another Thursday Things!

This week we didn’t do much!  We had ice storms that I didn’t want to go driving in.  I have some errands to do so I will do that in the next day or two.  I did find a post office and that was one thing that I needed, not sure if it is the closest one to me, but it will do!  😀

The first thing is a restaurant we went to.  We were over an hour from home and it was kind of late so we thought we would stop in a random area to eat.  The choices were Subway or a Mediterranean food place.  We picked the latter. I am so glad!  You never know sometimes, trying a new place, especially in a strip mall type area.  But sometimes those are the best!  It was called Charlie’s Kabob Grill.   I got a chicken kabob, Jeffy got two kabobs, steak and chicken. We got pita bread with hummus, fries and pasta salad.  Kyle got chicken strips and fries.  Everything was so tasty, I would totally go there again!  🙂 If you are ever around Wake Forest, you should feel good stopping by.

Charlie's Kabob Grill

The next thing is this little animated short film.  I am sure I am late to the game, but I thought it was such a cute story..  It is from Walt Disney Animation Studios and it combines computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques.  A man meets a woman on his way to work, she leaves before he can say anything.  It just plays out in a cute way.  🙂

The third thing is us going antique shopping.  I am in the process of looking for a secret valentine present and the person mentioned they liked vintage stuff.  We live close to a place with a lot of antique stores and we went looking around.  I didn’t find anything that jumped out at me, but we had a great time.  So glad that the kids like doing that with me.  🙂 I left my camera AND my phone at home for some reason, so I don’t have any pics!  I don’t know what happened with me doing that…ha!

The fourth thing is Puppy.  She really needs to be groomed…but Jeffy has been so busy putting together his teaching course for Dubai in a couple months that it keeps getting put off.  Puppy got to wear her face hair was so long she could barely see!  So, he trimmed up her face and she looks adorable, lol.  She is all fluffy and big everywhere and then has a trimmed face.  😀

Puppy teacup poodle

And last is this song.  It seemed to always come up on my playlist this week.  I love it though!   This version is a live version, I hadn’t heard that before….

What did you like this last week??  🙂

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  1. mommy says:

    Liked the movie and the song. Very nice!

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