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Thursday Things

SO this week flew by again.  Probably because yesterday I went to the dentist and they rushed to start me on a root canal.  Worked on it for two hours and he had to stop and have me come in … Continue reading

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Where I fit in now

After moving, I am having a problem figuring out where I fit in now. I am not a photographer.  At the moment anyway.  I have started unsubscribing from anything photography related on emails and facebook.  I can’t even find the … Continue reading

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Blog planner review and I am guest posting!

It is Sunday!  I haven’t ever posted on a Sunday!  But today is special!  Today I have a blog planner review and I am guest posting!  Exciting!! A little back story..  I never thought I would be a blogger.  I … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

It is Thursday again!  That means another Thursday Things!  We have a crazy school schedule this week so last night I kept thinking that today should be Saturday.  Woah…rude awakening there!  😉 Ok, number one for this week is happy … Continue reading

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Unfriended.  I am not talking about Facebook…  Today I am talking about real life unfriending. Years before moving to North Carolina, there was a time that I had a lot of friends.  Different groups, some with friends in common, we … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We don’t really celebrate this day much, we are one of those that would rather do it on another day, that isn’t so commercialized…  But I hope everyone else is having a great time celebrating!  It is … Continue reading

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Why I started homeschooling..

One question that I get asked a lot is why I started homeschooling.  Well, I could do a short explanation or a long explanation.  I am sure it will probably be more in the middle… When we were still living … Continue reading

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Reading goal for 2013

I signed up at Goodreads at the beginning of the year.  Now that we are semi-settled into our house, I feel that taking the opportunity to read more is quite acceptable.  🙂  We got our library cards in hand as … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

So, it’s Thursday already!  How did that happen?  Time for another Thursday Things! This week we were a little more active than the previous week.  Thankfully!  I can only handle sitting at home day after day for so long..  😉 … Continue reading

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Our sensory spectrum family…

You may or may not be aware of something called Sensory Processing Disorder.  Back in the day it was called Sensory Integration Dysfunction.   Dr. Ayers, who pretty much came up with the term describes it a little bit..  She states: … Continue reading

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