Thursday Things

So, it’s Thursday already!  How did that happen?  Time for another Thursday Things!

This week we were a little more active than the previous week.  Thankfully!  I can only handle sitting at home day after day for so long..  😉

Let’s see, the first thing would be that Jeffy made a lot of strawberry jelly again!  Or is it jam?  I can never remember the difference.  I think it is jam…  😀  It just does NOT compare to anything you buy on the shelves.  We are thinking of what flavor to try next.  We did try blackberry a few months back, but I am thinking of something else…hmm…

Homemade strawberry jam

The next thing is more food.  Yes, I did gain two pounds this week, thanks for asking… 😉  This right here, this here yogurt….is the best thing ever.  Seriously.  It is like dessert.  I have to eat half the container at a time.  I mean, I could physically eat a whole one at a sitting, but I try to restrain myself just a little bit.  I haven’t even tried any other of their flavors, the honey is just so perfect!  Have you tried any of the other flavors??  Noosa Yogurt

Noosa Honey Yoghurt

The third thing is…Kohl’s cash.  The kids desperately needed some clothes and things, jeans, undies, socks, blah blah blah.  Jeffy picked up some stuff as well.  Turns out we can get even more stuff now that we have Kohl’s cash!  😀  We always get the kids jeans from there, they seem to have decent sizes for my odd shaped boys, lol.  I had ordered Lauren some things from Crazy 8, so all she got from there were the socks and such, oh, and one of those pink sock monkey hats.  😀  I want one…ha!!

Kohl's cash

The fourth thing for this week are some blogs I happened across.  Now, my google reader is quite full and I try really hard to keep up.  It is hard enough just keeping it organized as I just add more and more every day!  😛  One of my categories that I have is cooking.  I don’t get to cook as much as I want to, but sometimes I like to think of what I could make sometimes…  My selection of food blogs is kind of getting out of control!  What makes me keep certain blogs over the others are quite varied, but if they are unique, have fantastic photography or something else that pulls me in, they are definite keepers.  These two girls are both still in high school and their blogs are so great!  They both like cinnamon, which if you know me at all, you know I go a little crazy with the cinnamon… The gifs are so fun!!  Anyway, if you like food blogs, check them out!  They don’t know me or anything, just came across them over the weekend…  🙂

Top With Cinnamon and Cannella Vita

The last thing for this week is…you guessed it, another song!  Music is just a huge part of my life that I can’t not mention a song!!  Some songs are old, some are new…  This one is a few years old, but it came up a lot for me this week…


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