Thursday Things

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We don’t really celebrate this day much, we are one of those that would rather do it on another day, that isn’t so commercialized…  But I hope everyone else is having a great time celebrating!  It is fun seeing all of the photos everywhere.  🙂

Hard to believe that it is time for another Thursday Things.  It just seems to come sooner and sooner.

Let’s get right into it!

#1:  Definitely this guy.  Just because we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, he will forever be my valentine.  :swoon:  lol  Can’t thank my friend Jen enough for taking pics of us.  Our only ones that we have….

Jeff and Jen Laughing

#2.: This last week I was reminded about graham cracker slop.  That sounds disgusting, right?  Well, it is so good, and I haven’t had it in years…  My friend asked on facebook about some odd things people eat and it turns out that she likes it too!  You break up some graham crackers in a bowl and pour milk over it.  I use vanilla almond milk though.  Smash it all up and eat it like a cereal.  Yum yum!!  🙂

Honey Maid Graham crackers

#3: We are so excited that the RV is sold!!  We appreciated it while we had it, but none of us care to do the RV thing again for a long time….and if we do, we would want a bigger one.  The title was exchanged and it is officially not ours anymore!  🙂

Pace Arrow RV

#4: Huge sale at Crazy 8 let me get a bunch of long sleeve shirts and some jeans for Lauren for a great price!!  I know there are going to be some cold days still, and we just don’t buy that many winter type clothes in Arizona!  Hopefully they will still fit her in the Fall, but if not, that’s ok, because they were so inexpensive!


#5: This song.  Yes, it is playing everywhere…and that must be why it is stuck in my head.  Now you can have it stuck in yours…  😉

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