Unfriended.  I am not talking about Facebook…  Today I am talking about real life unfriending.

Years before moving to North Carolina, there was a time that I had a lot of friends.  Different groups, some with friends in common, we were all having a great time…  And then BANG!!

I was unfriended.

All the signs were there.  Texts were ignored, conversations were cut short, plans were being made without me….

Not exactly sure what happened either?  Did I smell?  Were my jokes not funny anymore?  Maybe I wasn’t fashionable enough, didn’t use the right hair brush…  Maybe I wasn’t needy enough..  Wanted to spend time with my family too often…

This is not a pity post, but more of a wth post…Because really, what the heck?  All around the same time friends were dropping like flies.

I remember in school if you were unfriended, you pretty much knew the reason why.  An argument, or someone heard something from someone that told someone else and they believed it, or a new friend was made that was…’cooler’.  But I honestly had no clue what was going on.  Nobody told me anything, nobody said they didn’t want to hang out anymore.

(I am happy to say that I am still friends with a lot of people from school.  😉  It was easier to play the hot/cold game back then, it was almost expected being a girl and all…)

Looking at it now…I am thankful that I was unfriended.  I met some great people over the last two years.. Two friends in particular are amazing and are definitely in the ‘people I miss’ category after moving.  I wish I could have taken them with me!

Now I just have to work on making friends here in NC.  It gets harder the older you get, everyone is already set in their ways, etc.  I am sure it will all come.  People are all brought into our lives for a reason.  Might be a short stay or maybe a lifelong friendship is formed.

If you live in NC, say hey….I promise I don’t smell..  🙂

And because I don’t have a picture for this post…you get sparkly words..

Friends are nice


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One Response to Unfriended

  1. Mandy Hank says:

    Hang in there! Those situations are always for the best. I realize the older I get the less friends I have. I am ok with that. It’s more about the quality than the quantity. I am more aware of the type of people are and the type of friend they are now. Sometimes I turn and run quickly and other times I put more effort into the relationship.
    Btw, can’t smell you from over here, I think you are fine! 🙂

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