Thursday Things

It is Thursday again!  That means another Thursday Things!  We have a crazy school schedule this week so last night I kept thinking that today should be Saturday.  Woah…rude awakening there!  😉

Ok, number one for this week is happy mail!!  My week started out hectic and seemed like it was going to continue that way…and then I get this in the mail!  Happiness!!  🙂  Chrissy over at let me see you sparkle sent her happy mail to me..  Even though the envelope had seen better days and the chocolate fell out, the letter and the heart graffiti was awesome!  Definitely cheered me up and made me sit for a few moments.  Ahhhh…  🙂  I went and had a piece of candy out of the secret stash too, just because, lol.

Happy Mail

Number 2: It snowed again!!  Moving here, we weren’t sure if we were going to see snow or not.  We heard it is an every other year type of thing, but once we moved into our house people said that if it were going to snow, it would snow at our house.  That weird weather triangle thing again.  Who knows, lol.  It was cold outside and Lauren opened the side door and sat making a snowman off of the accumulation on the deck there.  Wasn’t much at the time, but it made for a cute snowman. 🙂


Number 3: Soap!!  I loved this soap when it first came out and I have loved every one that I have bought since!  This totally makes me think of Spring!  It is Method.  Their Olra Kiely line and the scent is Honeysuckle.  I so love washing my hands even more now!  🙂

Method Orla Kiely Honeysuckle soap

Number 4: We went on a fieldtrip yesterday to Old Salem.  They had a special end of the week homeschool tour.  We all had such a great time!  It was amazing that these buildings and things were from 1770 or thereabouts.  Wow…all the history.  George Washington stayed there as well…it was fun trying to pick out the room he stayed in.  We saw gunsmiths, tailors, leatherworkers…all doing what they did back then.  I could go back again!  I totally suggest it to anyone in the area!  I didn’t bring my camera because my battery is almost dead and I have no idea where the charger is.  I am hoping it wasn’t left in the RV…  hmm…  But I snapped this picture on my cell phone of the bridge we walked across.  🙂

Old Salem Pedestrian bridge

Number 5 this week isn’t a song…but it is a frog.  I have played this so many times… I can’t get over it.  lol.

What did you like this last week??

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2 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Chrissy says:

    How did I miss this post? Gahhh 🙂 and for whatever reason I wasnt following your blog which is curious because I KNOW I put it on my reading list. Hmmm whateve.. I heart you so now I am here for good 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Eh, it happens. But yay! 😀

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