Blog planner review and I am guest posting!

It is Sunday!  I haven’t ever posted on a Sunday!  But today is special!  Today I have a blog planner review and I am guest posting!  Exciting!!

A little back story..  I never thought I would be a blogger.  I would start blogs when my kids were little and update their photos…  I would start another blog about something else…and yet another about something else…  But nothing ever stuck!  After moving here and not really having photography to keep me busy anymore, plus living so far from everyone now, I thought I would give it another shot.  I had started this before we moved, with recipes and other little things and thought it would be a great way to chronicle what is going on in our lives at that moment…  But more about that in another post.  😉

I realized a little bit ago that people are actually reading my blog.  Whhaaaat?!?  And even asking me questions or giving me suggestions on what to write about.  Well dang!  Now, I am a sticky note gal.  I contemplated posting a pic of my desk that at this very moment is inundated with sticky notes in a variety of colors..  Ack!!  So when Mosaic Reviews asked me to review a blog planner I decided to jump right on that!  They listed a variety of options and to pick the one that I thought would suit me the best.

There were full year planners, planners that you could bind and use just like any that you could buy at the store…there were some that were a few pages long…  But the one I chose is just one simple page.  It is from The Flourishing Abode.  I am all about simple, and my blog, at this time, doesn’t require anything else that some of the more involved ones offered. And it is free!!  😉

The planner sheet offers a daily section, where you can write about what you plan to post that day and in what week as well as other sections: Notes, Images to make, Future post ideas, To do and Where to promote.  So very simple!  And plus that little graphic at the top is oh so cute.  🙂

This planner is perfect for someone like me that is trying to gravitate away from the sticky note problem..  I imagine if your blog writing is a little more busy and you like to keep track of a few other things, you may prefer something more involved, but I am glad I found this little planner page!   You should check out her site, she has some other great free printables, I just love her style…

Flourishing Abode blog planner

Also, I am guest posting today over at Upside Down Homeschooling.  I wrote about how you should try and get yourself in some family pictures!  It is so very important!!  Check it out!  🙂  She has some g

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2 Responses to Blog planner review and I am guest posting!

  1. NIckida says:

    I like this planner as well. It’s so simple and easy to use. Congrats on your guest post as well.

  2. Peggy says:

    Great review. I love your picture with the mug.

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