Where I fit in now

After moving, I am having a problem figuring out where I fit in now.

I am not a photographer.  At the moment anyway.  I have started unsubscribing from anything photography related on emails and facebook.  I can’t even find the battery charger for my ‘real’ camera.

Photographer Jennifer Simpson

I am still on mommy groups on the computer, but my kids are 9, 11 and 13.  Most mommy groups have kids that are infants and/or toddlers.  And while Jeffy and I both love babies, I don’t see any in our future…

kids running circles around mom

I don’t have any friends or family here to hang out with, have inside jokes with, go places with.

the chris parker project shirts

I stopped doing my day of the week on facebook.. I mean, really, how long did I do THAT for?  lol.  (too long!)

I am not really a blogger, although I am doing it more lately.

I am not doing a picture of the day.

All of these are just parts of who I was and I just don’t know where I am now.  A title.  A place.

And then I saw this quote.  From one of my favorite tv shows.

You don’t need an invitation to your own life.” – Sarah Braverman

What’s that?  It’s my life….and I don’t need an invitation to it.  It’s mine.  I can make it what I want.  Within reason of course.  I have a new start.  I can make friends, I can be a blogger or a photographer again, if I want to. I can go play in the rain with the kids. I can do anything!  It’s my life.  Not yours, or theirs…mine!

I will continue being who I am right now and all the while learning who I want to be.  I may never fit in again…but then again, I am not sure that I ever fit in to begin with…

me with rubber chicken


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4 Responses to Where I fit in now

  1. Kellie says:

    Aw! We just need to meet daggonit so you’ll have someone to talk to and get your jokes. Lol. I am sure this is weird for you…. I can’t imagine honestly since I have been here my whole life. Hugs to you and hopefully soon it will be a real one. 🙂 Oh…. and I always did enjoy your posts on what each day was…. lol!

  2. Kelly says:

    I felt like that for a LONG time when we first moved here. I still feel like that on occasion. You will find your place. It is nice to see you blogging again! I miss you!

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