Thursday Things

SO this week flew by again.  Probably because yesterday I went to the dentist and they rushed to start me on a root canal.  Worked on it for two hours and he had to stop and have me come in again in a month.  He said I had an awesome tooth with curvy nerves.  Ok then!  😉

Let’s jump right into this weeks Thursday Things!

#1.  Jeffy and I have recently started watching tv.  We really hadn’t watched much tv, but started to about a year ago.  We have our favorite shows, Parenthood, New Girl, just some others…  Well, I found a website that you can keep track of your shows and it sends you an email every day to let you know what is on for that day!  I love that, because sometimes we forget and then miss it!  There is always hulu, but it just isn’t the same!  Anyway, the website is Followshows.  You pick your favorite shows from their list and when one you picked is on that day, you will get an email.  Love it!!!

#2. We have stainless steel appliances.  We have a family of five.  Yes, we get the dreaded fingerprints and other marks. I have tried a few random things that I have seen mentioned and nothing really worked!  Last week I saw that someone used olive oil.  Whaaat?  Well, I tried it and this is what my fridge looks like a week later.  Woah!!  Still no fingerprints!  I mentioned it on facebook and someone asked if it left an oily or slippery finish and I have to say that it didn’t!  What I did was dampen a soft rag, you could even use a cloth diaper…then put a little olive oil on it.  Rub it all on your fridge and then buff it with the dry part of the rag.  That’s it!!  Let me know if you try it!! 🙂

Samsung fridge cleaned with olive oil

#3. Oh the yummies..  Jeffy works with a great person that thinks like I do…  😉  She happened to bring in this item…that is made with strawberries…and convinced Jeffy to try it.  WHAT?  Jeffy does not eat strawberries at all, how did she do this?  AND, he said they were good.  What kind of magic is she doing??  But he brought me some home and oh yes…I can see why he would like them.  He brought me three and I just ate the last one today.  Talk about savoring them.  True Bliss Greek yogurt dipped freeze dried strawberries.  I think I need to run out and get a Costco membership ASAP!!


#4. Jeffy ran out of bar soap and well, living in the middle of nowhere, there isn’t typically a lot of selection unless we drive a bit and it just seemed silly for soap..  He ended up picking up some Dial Soap.  The original orange colored bar soap.  For some reason, the smell of this puts a smile on my face.  I don’t know why!

dial soap

#5. Song of the week is this one…just kept showing up in my list..

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