31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 10}

A little late in the day for this here 31 Day Blog Challenge entry, but I have had issues with doing anything with pictures with my phone.  I ran out of space.  Um..I think I might take too many pics on that.  But good news!!  I found my normal camera battery charger!!  Yay!  Not so many phone pics on here soon!  Any guesses on where I found it?  No?  Oh, just in a shoebox in the closet.  Because isn’t that where you keep your cameras battery charger?  @@

Ok, today’s prompt is: My Daily Routine

I took this to mean an average day..so a weekday..since there are more of those in a week.  🙂

So I am sleeping….and then Jeffy gets up…I typically wake up around then too, but not fully.  By the time I glance at the clock it usually looks something like this.

alarm clock

Yes, the numbers are that big because I am blind.  And yes, I never dusted my clock after getting it out of storage.  Ew.  Ok then!  I hang out in bed for a little longer because it is so warm and comfy and I just don’t want to get out. I then run downstairs because I have three cats yelling at me to feed them. It’s been SO long you see, their insides are going to start eating themselves..  @@

I go and let the dogs out of confinement, whatever, and turn on my computer and the heater.  It’s cold in there y’all!   I come back out to the kitchen and make my breakfast.  It consists of a protein shake and an english muffin with a TON of cinnamon on it.  I am not kidding.  I get the biggest container of cinnamon at the store and I go through it quite often.  Hey, it has antioxidant properties!

protein shake

Since I like to multitask, I eat while checking emails and such.  It is quite interesting how I hold my protein shake and english muffin in one hand so I can type with the other.  😀 I am talented like that.  I also can touch my tongue to my nose.  There isn’t a picture of that…


At 8:25 I go and wake up all the kids.  Every now and again one surprises me by waking up before then, but not often.  I shower and am done around 9.  So then it is time for……… SCHOOL!

homeschool books

Most days we try to be done by lunch.  Because I just don’t like eating a nice relaxing lunch with a little book reading and then having to do school.  Y’know?  😀  But it does vary on what time we are done.  PE days tend to be a little longer…

After I am done with school, lunch and all that good stuff…we all usually do our chores.  The kids have a list and I usually do dishes and laundry.  Ok, we made pizza and cookies and some other things.  That’s a lot of dishes!

dirty dishes

After everything is done like that we all just kind of veg out.  Me at the computer checking emails, facebook, all those fun things, the kids playing computer or xbox, which usually means Minecraft.  See, homeschool kids get dressed, they don’t spend all day in their pj’s. 😉

boys playing minecraft

Everyone cheers when Jeffy comes home!  Even the dogs!  In their own way of course.. He usually tries to work out before he gets home, so he is usually walking in the door around 6:30.  He immediately has to sit down and work on his teaching course for his Dubai trip…he is leaving next month!  He looks like this for the next hour or two.  But he does usually make the kids dinner, which is nice.

working on laptop

At precisely 8:30 I feed the cats again, for the fourth time of the day…yes, it’s true.  I fill up my cup with ice water and run upstairs for Jen and Jeff time.  😀  We usually watch our favorite shows until Jeffy passes out.  Once he is out cold I typically stay up for another hour or two checking Instagram or maybe even reading a book that I can then yell at the next day because I stayed up too late.  :nodding:

So, on a general day, that is my daily routine.  Not that exciting, but I kinda dig it.  Does anyone ‘dig’ things anymore?  Well I am just that cool I guess..  Wait…are people ‘cool’ anymore?

Oh good gravy…


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3 Responses to 31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 10}

  1. Laura says:

    I love how tech savvy your whole family is! Isn’t the information age amazing?

  2. Cristy S says:

    I always run out of run on my phone. You have ruined my illusions of homeschooled kids get to stay in their pj’s. I always wanted to be homeschooled for that reason. 😛

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, sometimes *I stay in my pj’s…but I have at least showered, lol. They usually like to get dressed anyway. But I am sure if they liked wearing pj’s, they would probably stay in them. 😉 Shhhh…lol.

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