31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 13}

Welcome to day 13 in the 31 Day Blog Challenge!  Posting a little later today as we went bowling this morning!  It’s been a while and everyone was rusty, but we still had a good time!  Then off to Target for ink because us homeschoolers use a LOT of ink..  😉

Today’s prompt is: Do you have regret?

In the past when asked this question I would automatically say no.  Whatever happens, happens, it’s pointless to have regret…blah blah blah…

There are a few things that I would change if I could from the past, but I can’t…so…

But now…  looking back..  I do regret one thing.

Not taking enough pictures and video of my kids.  Our video camera broke early on and the only person that could use it was Jeffy because of his large hands, lol. I was all film for ages..didn’t get my first digital camera until a while after Kyle was born I think.  Film was expensive.  I couldn’t be all snap happy and get all of the certain expressions I wanted, all of the special times.. I just wish I had more pics from their babyhood and growing up…..

I will just look back on some that I do have..  🙂

Ryan laughing

Ryan in tree

Kyle eating car

Kyle on tire swing

Lauren in nest newborn

Lauren picking nose in tutu

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6 Responses to 31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 13}

  1. Trinity says:

    I laughed so hard at that last picture….PRICELESS! If I were you, I’d have to get that one blown up and hang somewhere where I could see it {and smile} everyday. I used to regret not taking enough pictures, but then Katrina wiped out everything, so now I have about the same amount of all my neighbors. Like you, I try not to focus too much on what’s been, but more on what’s to come. Hope you have a great week!

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh gosh, what a story!! I know someone that went through Katrina too. She was a bit further away from it though, but it was still awful. Thanks for looking at my blog!! And yes, enjoy today! 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Those are some very precious pictures – especially the butterfly one! LOVE. IT.

    You made me remember that I have rolls and rolls of undeveloped film in my closet from when the boys were little. They just kept piling up because I was always on such a tight budget and couldn’t afford to get them developed. Lame excuse, I know. I think I’ll go take them to Walgreens this week. Who knows what treasures I’ll find.

  3. Cristy S says:

    Very sweet pictures. I wish my daughter would let me take more pictures of her now (after photography school she doesn’t want to be my “model” anymore). I wish we had more video other than Christmas of her. I guess we just need to start dragging the video camera out more.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, my kids never want to be in front of the camera. Ten years of having a photography business and then all the practice before that? They hate the camera, lol.

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