31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 25}

Sitting here contemplating on doing school or not today. Jeffy has what’s left of a three day weekend day…and then he has another next weekend.  Our school week is four days and gets completely messed up if we don’t stick to that.  Hmm.  It is just so rainy.  I guess we can at least get SOMEthing done, eh?  Ok then…

The prompt for day 25 in the 31 Day Blog Challenge is: Describe your location.

Well, green.  It’s green.  Everywhere.  Even with being winter/spring (it’s 32 degrees!) and everything still having the dead look, it is more green than Phoenix. 😉  We have so many trees. Jeffy probably cut down 200 small ones just in one front section of our yard this past weekend.

We live on 5.5 acres. There is a creek that runs through our property with a very small lake attached. That part isn’t on our property, but just on the edge.  Silly…lol.

We live across the street from a farm. Directly across the street is the cow part of the farm. Further down the road are the veggies and such.  Although right now I don’t think they are selling anything I am interested in. Collard greens and such.

The only thing close to us is a gas station about two miles down the road. They have saved us numerous times from having to drive to the grocery store for something silly such as eggs or heavy cream. 😀

We can always hear birds. All kinds of birds. Some call to each other and it is fun to hear their little conversation. Then, there is this female cardinal that pecks at our window and then flies around and dive bombs the side door which is also glass.  Still haven’t figured out what her issue is with this room.

We also have squirrels and we have only seen one chipmunk. We are out of food right now, so they haven’t been around as much as they used to.  We have seen deer a few times also. Oh, and a possum was living in our front tree, not sure what happened to that guy.  Racoons hang out too.  We live on a main road with a high speed limit, so unfortunately too many of the critters try to cross the road at the wrong time.

I do miss the smell of when it rains in AZ. There is nothing like it.  But I do like the rain here.  Right now it is pretty foggy.  It is 100% humidity but only because it is raining..it doesn’t feel humid like it does in the summer.  My hair is still straight.  haha!

Pretty much everything is the complete opposite of where we moved from…..

Oh, and there are very pretty sunsets.  🙂

NC sunset

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4 Responses to 31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 25}

  1. Paula says:

    Sounds like a very relaxing place to live!

  2. Trinity says:

    I’d be in heaven with 5 acres and hearing the birds and stream. Sounds lovely!

  3. Cristy S says:

    Sounds beautiful. I would love to have a farm across from me. My mom used to have a working farm, but they sold all their animals. I loved bottle feeding the calves. Do your kids like to explore the creek? We used to have a possum that would come eat our dog’s food on the back porch. We never could figure out how he got in the backyard. We called him Houdini. He would watch us watching him eat. He never ate much, but it would drive our dog crazy.

  4. Laura says:

    Wow, how pretty!

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